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Posted by Nicole Richards on Friday, April 15th, 2016 at 2:03pm.

Springtime Fishing has been great this week, the bite is back!

Many anglers are going out of their inlets to the ocean and succeeding their goal of the day. Tying back up at their docks bringing home a whole slew and variety of fish to feed their families with.
The fish variety is mostly consisting of the beautiful brightly colored dolphin, cobias, black fin tuna and snappers!  

NOAA upcoming weather forecast includes chances of rain showers and increasing wind gusts throughout the weekend.


Good reports of Dolphin are getting hooked all over South Florida’s waters this past week. From big bulls to cows and peanuts! They are out and about roaming the waters at all different depths, so there is no particular spot on where the best bite is; however, for the most part they are expected to be inside of 400’ feet of water.  Unfortunately, according to NOAA weather reports the ocean will be a bit sloppy this weekend and not as ideal conditions for boaters. Due to the conditions, it should help fire up the dolphin bite some more with the east and northeast winds to help keep them in closer to shore. Be ready to pull in larger sized dolphins and not in schools. These bulls are scattered and ready to eat!

“Cobia fishing has been great from the Juno Beach Pier to north of Jupiter Inlet in 120-150' of water.  Sardines, pinfish, and goggle eyes are good choices to get a cobia bite right now”, are according to Juno Bait Shop. Amber Jack and lesser amberjack are being caught too!  Snappers are always a great fish to fish for but once hooked be ready to reel up as fast as possible before it gets chomped by another larger fish in the sea.

The springtime mullet are around and pushing through the Loxahatchee River. Remember, these are the full grown 10” plus baits unlike the fall finger mullet run due to their size they done get as much action. For a snook to bite these larger bait fish, they must be about full grown too! For best results, fish in the mornings or evenings where low periods of light shine through the waterways. Hobe Sound flat fish are still biting but as the weather warms the bites are slowing down.

Very good action happening offshore if you get the chance and it weather permits!

Have fun & Be Safe out there!

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