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Hurricane season has arrived once again and it's time to get prepared. With a "slightly above average" season forecasted by the National Weather Service for 2018, the state of Florida is providing an extended tax holiday June 1st-7th for preparations.

This week, you can purchase supplies such as generators, gas, batteries and tarps without paying state or local taxes. It's a good idea to get supplies now as opposed to later, when things get hectic and goods run out, as seen with Hurricane Irma last year. The state of Florida hadn't had a direct hit in over a decade until Hurricanes Hermine and Irma in 2016 and 2017, which left people scurrying for water, gas, etc. 

"Now, after being hit by Irma and everything that happened last year, people are well aware of what they need and what they didn't have last year," said James Miller from the Florida Retail Federation, "They're going to load up this year. We expect it to be very fruitful for retailers, and consumers are going to be able to save a lot of money on their end, as well."

The best way to stock up for a storm is to think about being self-sufficient for up to 72 hours. Buy non-perishable food items, batteries, battery-operated flashlights and radios. Consider the fact that the most common outcome of Atlantic hurricanes are power outages that can last for a little while. Make sure you have a first-aid kit and enough of any prescription medications you need to make it through.

Here are some items available tax free until the 7th:

  • Portable self-powered light sources for $20 or less.
  • Portable self-powered radios, two-way radios, or weather band radios for $50 or less.
  • Tarps or other waterproof sheeting for $50 or less.
  • Ground anchor systems or tie-down kits for $50 or less.
  • Gas or diesel fuel tanks for $25 or less.
  • Packages of batteries, excluding automobile and boat batteries, at $30 or less.
  • Coolers that cost $30 or less.
  • Reusable ice packs that costs $10 or less.
  • Portable generators that cost $750 or less.

Don't wait and scramble when a hurricane hits. Try to be prepared ahead of time to keep you and your family safe.

See more information about tax-free items from the Florida Department of Revenue here

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