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To some, a lawn is the crowning glory of their property. Yet to others it is a tremendous hit on their checkbook. How do you feel?

When I grew up, Saturday entailed us mowing and weeding.  Not quite my American dream, or that of my brothers as young teens, but we had a lush green lawn and it was every suburbanites dream.

Today, I still love the look of an impeccable lawn.  I enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass and the feel of it under my bare feet.  Not always so happy with the cost to maintain it, the noise to mow it, the weed eaters, the mowers, aerators, chemicals and fertilizers, etc.  All of this to keep the turf looking great. Nevertheless, we love the look!

Studies show that well maintained landscaping can add 15% to the value of a home.  The studies do not construe the value of lawns alone, but an immaculate, emerald lawn obviously makes a property look better and more saleable.

Imagine one home sacrificing curb appeal for individuality and planting a vegetable garden in the front yard. If uncontrolled, the yard can become a mess, with vines snaking every which way, wire cages, and leaf mulch rotting.  Planter boxes are a nice alternative.

There are always low maintenance lawn alternatives to choose from like synthetic turf, ground cover, and turf grasses. Some interesting ground covers are woodland violet, colocasia affinia jenninsii, Asiatic jasmine.

The average household dumps 60 gallons of water per day on conventional lawns. Toxic lawn herbicides and pesticides run off and contaminate rivers, streams and lakes.  If you are looking for a low maintenance lawn alternative, consider replacing some or all areas with an alternative grass that requires little or no water or mowing once established.  Synthetic Grass International offers just such a product that allows you time to enjoy your yard instead of spending time maintaining it. There are countless options to suit your artificial grass lawn and landscape needs.

Here in South Florida, Jupiter and Tequesta, we are all too familiar with the “watering restrictions”.  Periods of time when the water tables fall below normal levels and “watering restrictions” are requested to be adhered to (limits to lawn watering, car washing, and excessive use of running water) and yards begin to become unquenchable and dry.  Suddenly green grass becomes public enemy number 1.  

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