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With thousands of miles of pure beautiful shoreline, a huge variety of native species and habitat, and many exciting places to visit, there is always someplace to fish and something to catch. We all are very grateful to live in Florida. However, many fishermen go into a predictable routine of only fishing out of their home town. A lot of anglers don’t want to travel for hours to an unfamiliar waterway with no true game plan and how to successfully target the game fish. Florida is too big with so many waterways, it is almost impossible for anyone to distinguish all the nooks, every shipwreck, reef and drop off, unmarked channels and dangerous sandbars. Some places have unique tactics that also need to be applied across the southeast of Florida. Still, there are many people who are willing to mobilize in order to catch that ‘hot bite’ if they had some local awareness. “When visiting a new area for the first time, hiring a local backcountry guide or offshore captain for the day is a great way to get a local’s perspective on the lay of land.”

Local understanding is the most valuable quality in any angler’s arsenal. Up and down the paradise coast of Florida, there are tons of qualified captains who earn their living as a guide of residents and anglers to exciting new ventures. Each guide has their own special skills they have mastered through the lengthy days out on the blue waters with plenty of hard labor and of course, trial and error to major in certain areas. Regardless if you are looking to come home with some fresh fish dinners or want to gain some understanding about an unfamiliar area, local guides have a lot to offer. The most important contribute they can give to you, is they know the waters like their back of their hands. Seasonal Captains are also great tour guides, as most are from the area and are pleased to tell you about the particular region such as, local attractions, best restaurants and traps of tourism that should be avoided. At the end of the day, you should have an entirely new gratitude and understanding of the freshly unfamiliar space.

Below is just a few of the best local charters in South Florida:
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Fishing Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Get out of your comfort zone and live a little!

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