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Trends come and go in the kitchen design industry, and in South Florida they run the gamut. Kitchen design is subjective and new to the scene are softer colors. You will see new soft greys, blues, and especially green. Consider what the primarily use the of the kitchen will be – a statement room, a functional family space, hostess kitchen for the holidays, or is a Miele coffee maker a must?  It is all about tailoring their kitchen to meet their constraints. 

White on white or grey on grey has been very trendy these past few years.  It is a nice clean look. However, according to Megan Green, Cabinetry Design Specialist with New Craft Cabinetry, “wood tones are coming back. Obviously not the ugly reddish-brown cabinets from the ‘80s and ‘90s, but fresh wood tones like barnwood or grey washed. Choosing a stained wood cabinet can be good in the long run. They are easier to touch up and with the natural expansion and contraction of the wood you will not get ugly cracks or potential warping as with painted wood doors. If you want the painted look, go with high density fiber. This material does not expand or contract and will retain the shape of the cabinet longer.”

Dark grey or black cabinets are still on the outer edge style, but they come back in surges like the modern cabinets. Built in corner pantries are popping up universally.  Internal cabinet accessories are becoming the norm. Green recommends “not skimping on the fun stuff.” Even just one or two essentials, like pantry rollouts, rollout trays in base cabinets or a pullout trash can be a big selling feature. Do not skimp on a generous pantry if you have the space.

Subway tiles and white marbled countertops are timeless. Both have been around for a long time and will long lasting. Real marble countertops are expensive and beautiful, they tend to yellow over time and can stain easily. Think of that red wine stain, it will never come out. There are options.  A countertop of quartz that mimics the look of concrete is an interesting look. Concrete is difficult to pour and difficult to keep clean because of its porous nature. Having a quartz countertop that just looks like concrete is a nice option.  

Pairing very uncomplicated cabinetry with a quartz countertop or island with dramatic veining is a definite showstopper.  A butcher block countertop has been something of “hot or cold” with homeowners. It is functional and enduring, but it MUST be sealed and cared for properly or it will gather bacteria and need replacing. The good thing about a butcher block top is that when it is beginning to look dreadfully worn it can be sanded down and resealed. 

Shaker style cabinetry is a mainstay in kitchen cabinetry.  The norm for a few years now has been Shaker doors and drawers. It seems to be that homeowners are opting more toward the slab front drawers. It is a clean timeless look which is easier to clean.

Whatever direction your taste leads, the kitchen is ultimately yours to live with, so make it your own!  If you have questions feel free to reach out to Megan Green, Cabinetry Design Specialist at


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