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Tips for Trolling for Fish in South Florida

Fishing in the form of trolling is a great and effective technique to catch a variety of pelagic predators that are fast and able to hunt down moving prey, most particularly in South Florida such as wahoo, dolphin, tuna and billfish.

The rationality of trolling is simple, however, some small to mid-size boaters still do not understand the concept of the technique of trolling and then may get wrapped up in a frustrating experience. As for professional sportfish yachts, which are equipped with long outriggers and look at trolling as an art with lure shapes and tracing positions for particular locations based on weather settings. They have outriggers with release clips that allow crews to create multi-bait patterns. So they rarely have to deal with crossed lines and tangled baits. According to this, frustration may turn into fortune with just a little planning and some good know-how.

The key note is the trolling patterns and idyllic speeds vary on what baits or lures the angler is putting in as well as the sea state. There are so many features in choosing the best trolling spread.  And the more bait lines, the better chances of connecting will of course immediately increase. It all starts with how the angler spreads the bait or lure out on the water and where it is positioned behind the boat. 
Tip: “Have the longest baits running the shallowest and the shortest baits positioned the deepest.”

Hope the frustration turns into a fortune with these trolling tactics! When the angler does hook onto a fish, most just naturally the captain of the boat would shift engines into neutral however it is beneficial to remain trolling as you may attract a second or third fish to strike.
Tip: Give about a ten count after you catch your first fish before pulling the throttles back, but remember to keep momentum forward and only barley turn the boat to the side the hooked fish is on. This arc minimizes the chance of a tangle!

Hope the frustration turns into a fortune with these trolling tactics!

~ Good Luck Fishing ~

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