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Given the fact that most homebuyers use the Internet to aid them in their search for a home, using the Internet as part of your marketing strategy is an important step toward getting your home sold. After all, the more people who are able to see your home, the more likely you are to find an interested buyer. Therefore, if you are serious about getting your home sold, it is a good idea to talk it over with your real estate agent in order to develop an effective Internet marketing strategy.

Listing Your Home Online

When it comes to listing your home online, there are many websites available. The most technologically-savvy real estate agents will have websites for their own business and will list homes on directly on their sites. There are also many websites that are dedicated to helping those who are trying to sell their homes on their own. Listing a home on these sites is not free, however, so you should be prepared to spend at least a few hundred dollars to list your home there. When hiring a real estate agent, on the other hand, listing your home on the Internet should be included as part of the marketing plan.

Sharing Photos

Aside from reaching more people with the help of the Internet, you can also share more information online than you can in a simple classified ad. Furthermore, you can show more pictures than you could with a magazine ad or any other form of advertisement. The more pictures potential buyers can view of your home, the better they can determine if your house is a good match for their needs. While the photos may cause some potential buyers to turn away from your home, these are generally the ones who would not have made an offer to begin with. By narrowing down potential buyers to those who would be truly interested in purchasing your home, your agent can focus all of his or her energy on the best prospects.

Creating a Virtual Tour

The Internet is also an excellent tool for creating a virtual tour. Virtual tools take photographs to a whole new level by offering panoramic views of the rooms in your house. To create a quality virtual tour, your agent will need to use good lighting as well as a quality camera. He or she will then need to use software to create the final tour. When interviewing real estate agents, be sure to ask about virtual tours and to find out if one will be created as part of your agent’s marketing strategy. In some cases, creating a virtual tour will require paying an extra fee, but the cost may be worthwhile if you want to create the best marketing strategy possible.

About the Author: Crystal Tost combines her passion for modern technology with her experience  in residential Calgary Real Estate to bring the best of both worlds to her clients.

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