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Bottom Fishing Seminar

Posted by Amanda Hicks on Friday, August 3rd, 2018 at 11:30am.

Want to learn how to catch Grouper, Snapper and other reef/wreck dwelling fish? Check out the free West Marine Bottom Fishing Seminar in Jensen Beach on Thursday, August 15th. Expert anglers will present how to hook nearshore fish, which baits and lures to use and how to rig a fishing pole based on the type of fish you want to hook.

Bottom fishing is different from sport fishing because it's done in more shallow waters and the pole is rigged with a weight tied at the base of the line with the bait and hook a few inches higher. There are many ways to rig a line in bottom fishing and it's usually based on the fish you're after. When hooking a Grouper for example, an angler will use the "fish finder rig," but fishing for Catfish, they'll probably use a "porgy rig." This is because it's important for the bait to look appetizing, and fish have different tastes too. Reef and wreck dwelling fish like Grouper generally don't like to chase their prey, so a rig sitting in the sand can make an easy meal. This is also why you have better odds of hooking a fish with this type of rigging. 

Martin and Palm Beach counties are uber-popular bottom fishing destinations. These areas have hundreds of natural and artificial reefs in 100-300 feet of clear Atlantic Ocean water. Learn all the tips, trick and secrets of bottom fishing at the free West Marine Seminar next Thursday from 6-7 p.m. 

Click here to see a Google Map version of Palm Beach County's reefs.

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