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What Did Citizens of Wellington Find in Their Forgotten 1976 Time Capsule?

Posted by Amanda Hicks on Monday, October 8th, 2018 at 9:42am.

A widely-forgotten time capsule burried 42 years ago was dug up the other week by the Wellington Historical Society. The capsule was burried at the north intersection of Wellington Trace and Forest Hill Boulevard just outside of the Country Plaza's main entrance. 

A plaque near the capsule listed the date it was buried, instructions to open it “on or about the 19th day of February, 2076” and the names of the men who buried it, Alan S. Black and Herbert P. Benn, the “founders” of Country Plaza.

But many at the plaza say they had no idea it was there, and the sudden spark in curiosity resulted in digging up the capsule early.  What was inside is a reminder of the times in the 70s. 

Inside the capsule was a Playboy magazine and other periodicals of that date, mementos and keepsakes of that special day, a savings account passbook donated by People’s Federal Savings & Loan in the name of the Citizens of Wellington, a string bikini, some photos and maps, and a personal letter from Alan Black, founder and builder of the Country Plaza, addressed to the citizens explaining the mood and tempo of that day and the risks involved in building a commercial center in that particular period of time.

It's always exciting to stumble upon something once forgotten. And while the capsule was opened a little earlier than originally intended, it might have been forgotten forever by the time 2076 rolled around. 

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