Why You Should Drink 100% Pure Florida Orange Juice

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Americans drink almost one billion gallons of orange juice each year. Luckily, living in Florida has its perks- fresh healthy orange juice year-round from local orange groves. Oranges have thrived in Florida due to the state’s sub-tropical temperatures, abundant rainfall, plenty of sunshine and unique, sandy soil. Florida Oranges tend to be juicier and taste and look different from other oranges because of Florida’s distinctive natural conditions. Don't know which companies are actually 100% Florida orange juice? Click here to read about a few. Florida orange juice is not like other juice- here’s why you should stop by your local fruit stand or grocery store to pick up this Floridian food staple.


Also known as sunshine in a glass, Florida orange juice has a sweet, refreshing, and crisp taste like no other orange juice in the world.

Vitamin C

You probably knew this one, but it’s kind of a big deal. Vitamin C is arguably one of the most important antioxidants you can consume, and just one 8-ounce glass of pure O.J. provides well over 100% of the recommended daily value. We need antioxidants because they help neutralize free radicals formed as part of the body’s natural oxidation processes. Many scientists believe free radicals may damage cells and tissues over time, causing all sorts of ailments.


Important for muscle function and nerve transmission, potassium helps maintain the human body’s fluid, electrolyte, and pH balance. Potassium helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke, and a good amount can be found in a juicy 8-ounce glass of O.J.!


Evidence suggests that diets rich in folate are protective against heart disease and certain types of cancer. And, during pregnancy, moms especially need folate: it plays a vital role in the development of the baby’s brain and spinal cord. If you’re looking for a source of folate, look no further than your local Florida orange juice.

No Added Sugar

According to the USDA, sodas, sports drinks, fruit drinks and energy drinks now provide over 35% of added sugars in the US diet. This can increase the risk of obesity and poor heart health. Luckily, 100% pure Florida orange juice is naturally sweet and delicious!


Here’s a fun fact before you go: Did you know Oranges grown on the side of the tree that face the sunnier southern half of the hemisphere tend to be sweeter?


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