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Snook Showing Up in Palm Beach County

Posted by Lacey Hagler on Friday, August 10th, 2018 at 9:12am.

Pictured: Snook caught by North Palm Beach angler Jessica Bright

If you’re looking to have some fun but don’t care about putting food on the table, catch and release snook have been the main event this week inshore, at the Juno Pier, along the beach, and Palm Beach Inlet has been pretty solid. Live croaker should get the job done during the day, and if you’re looking to do some night fishing, Juno Bait Shop should be able to help you out with some flair hawk jigs. Snook season starts September 1st, so hold off on harvesting them until then!

Not much action has been seen offshore this week. There are plenty of patches of seaweed, but it seems like they’re true nurseries right now, only inhabited with crustaceans and schools of peanut mahi. It’s best to leave those babies to grow into bulls- harvesting them isn’t worth one fish taco and the embarrassment at the dock. Feel free to catch a few bonita and feed chunks to these little guys if you just can’t stay away.

A few wahoo were seen here and there, but they aren’t exactly coming out to play. However some kingfish have been showing up in about 200’ to 800’ of water. Hopefully this produces some competition for the “King of Kings” title at the Anglers For The Cure Tournament this weekend! Remember, two per angler is the recreational bag limit on kingfish in Atlantic waters, so be smart about what you keep!

As usual, be safe and considerate, obey regulations, and have a great weekend on the water!

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