Today marks the anniversary date of the original listing of The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse located in Jupiter, Florida.

The National Register of Historic Places added it in October 15, 1973. Since the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse is very worthy of safeguarding, it became part of the national program to manage and upkeep public and also reserved efforts to classify, assess, and guard America’s historic resources.

"Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum offers climbing tours of the landmark 1860 Jupiter Light and exhibits in the waterfront History Museum located in the restored WWII Naval housing quarters building. Outdoor exhibits include the Lighthouse Keeper's Workshop, Tindall Pioneer Homestead & Seminole Chickee. Visit the Museum gift shop for history &…

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The very first fishing pole of its kind and perhaps the greatest major invention compared to the contemporary fishing rod. TACKOBOX LLC., presents the Poletap SmartRod, the world’s first computerized fishing rod.

This new angling innovation adds the ability to detect a fish bite and has an alarm sound system built in with LED’s that trigger and lights up when the fishing line is receiving some sort of movement and commotion from the fish under the water. There are three levels of sensitivity that allows the angler to cancel out false alarms too. The bite detection is powered from two Lithium batteries and the Computer Controlled Accelerometer Technology detects the fish’s motion throughout the fishing rod.

"This powerful technology has already…

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As Halloween approaches, FARE, Food Allergy Research & Education is hopeful and cheering on the communities to start a new habit. A tradition that will help make this holiday worry free and a little less frightening for children with food allergies:  the Teal Pumpkin Project.

This is new campaign inspires people in the communities nationwide to educate and make the public mindful of food sensitivities by giving away non-food treats for the trick-or-treaters and putting up a teal pumpkin, the color of food allergy awareness! FARE has free printable teal pumpkin signs to post up on your front door or actually painting a pumpkin teal and setting it in front of your doorstep works just as well. As Halloween can be a tricky spell for some families that have to…

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The idea in golf is to typically keep the ball out of the water; however, a charity occasion that was held this past Sunday on the fresh cut greens of The Tequesta Country Club in Tequesta, Florida, will help drive something very exceptionally fulfilling to many back into our local South Florida waters to represent someone that is very special.

More than 140 supporters came to honor “Red”, Andrew “Red” Harris.  A 26 year old, great son and friend to so many, died in June when he was snorkeling and got struck by a boat in the Jupiter Inlet. In Andrew’s memory, a foundation has been set up to create artificial reefs off the northern Palm Beach County coastline.

With a year-end goal of 100 thousand dollars, Andrew “Red” Harris Foundation has already elevated…

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This year, Waterfront Properties and Club Communities attended the 19th Annual Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference presented by Who’s Who in Luxury Real in Boston, Massachusetts on October 5th – 8th.  Waterfront Properties honored as real estate industry leader.

Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate is a “global collection of the finest luxury real estate brokers in the world, this group of more than 130,000 professionals in more than 85 countries collectively sells in excess of $190 billion of real estate annually.”  Recognized as the industry leader, Luxury Real Estate has been recognized by the “Webby Awards”, has received “Best of the Web” by Forbes Magazine, acknowledged with an “Addy Award” for Excellence in Web Design, and recognized by the “Maggie…

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10.10.14 Fishing Report

It has been a breezy couple of days as the season begins to alter into fall and fishing has been awesome!

There has been a breezy northeast wind which has been great for offshore fishing and the east gusts should help to push the Dolphin in a bit closer. There has been decent dolphin fishing throughout the region as they have been seen about 10 – 20 miles offshore in the grassy areas. Mainly good size schoolies, roughly between 4 to 8 pounders and the best bet for hooking them up is live bait. By casting live pilchards and small blue runner or trolling where it’s not too grassy with small feathers, jet head lures, daisy chains or small strips of bonita. Swordfish have been great hooking up in the daytime and night hours.…

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For most places, fall brings up conceptions of colorful autumn shades; on the other hand, here in South Florida we have to create our own fall ambiance. So, tis the season of October which has comes to this, the start of a slight change in seasons, outdoor and crafty activities and well of course, pumpkin flavored everything!

October is the first sign of breezy and cooler weather as the seasons turn into fall; it tends to be one of the best times of the year to do outdoor activities with friends and family. Fall is such a comfortable air to hit the beach for a game of beach volleyball, go for a bike ride down the scenic road beside the Atlantic Ocean or put the top down off your convertible and cruise with friends and family.

Every fall season…

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Loggerhead Marinelife Center, located in Juno Beach, Florida, is a non-profit learning and ocean protection facility on the Atlantic Ocean. The center creates a home for live sea turtles and other coastal sea creatures that are in need of aid or relief. The staff and volunteers comfort the sea patient and provide endless and devoted care such as providing medical treatments and surgical services.

A sea turtle patient, Nelson, was successfully released today, Wednesday, October 8, 2014. Nelson was a Loggerhead turtle that was found in the Riviera Beach intake canal on December 7, 2013. The loggerhead turtle had fresh gashes and potential shark bite injuries that needed aid and healing. Nelson received fluids, antibiotics and was prescribed injections of…

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Fascinated sky spectators may be able to view a tremendously erratic cosmic spectacle on Wednesday, October 8th, 2014. Early in the morning, observers can try to see the total lunar eclipse of the full moon and the climbing sun at the same phase of time!

For the duration of a lunar eclipse, the sun and the moon are precisely 180 degrees away from each other in the sky. Watching this scene is so amazing by being flawlessly united, it may seem impossible to the eye. But the earth’s atmosphere boosts up the sun and moon exceeding beyond the horizon allowing people to grasp the sight of the sun for a few more minutes and the moon for extra time too before it will set to start a fresh new day!

Observers have about 2 to 9 minutes, depending where you are…

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It is a historic street where people come to shop, dine, relax, and conduct business.  It extends for five blocks along the center of downtown West Palm Beach from the waterfront on Flagler Drive to Rosemary Avenue.  Eclectic and historic architecture draw many to Clematis Street with “the dining, retail and entertainment options for the startup businesses, small-tech companies, creative office industries, and artists that occupy the spaces above.”

Great Places in America by the American Planning Association, was launched in 2007.  The association is a program that celebrates places “of exemplary character, quality, and planning.  Places are selected annually and represent the gold standard in terms of having a true sense of place, cultural and…

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