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“Mini-Season”, the two day sport season that gives a chance for recreational divers in Florida to take home some fresh lobster before the commercial fisheries cash in, will take place on July 29th and 30th, 2020 this year.

The recreational bag limit during mini-season is 12 per person per day. This bag limit applies to possession limit as well- on and off the water- and lobster must be brought to shore in whole condition. Separating the tail from the body is prohibited in Florida state waters.

Harvested lobster must have a carapace larger than 3 inches, and must be measured in the water. The carapace is measure beginning at the forward edge between the rostral horns, excluding any soft tissue, and proceeding along the middle to the rear edge of the

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South Florida has a long and interesting past. If you want to learn about the area’s history, here are a few fun places you can visit.

Battlefield Park 

Known, as one of the most significant Jupiter icons and historical sites is the Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park. Often referred to as the “gateway to the Loxahatchee River,” this park is must-visit site if you have not been and live in the area. 

The history of Battlefield Park shows that there has been prehistoric and historic habitation here dating as far back as the Archaic Period over 5,000 years ago. The park stands to preserve this precious past and educate locals about Jupiter’s rich history. 

Not only does the park boast an impressive story dating back thousands of years but it

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Love the great outdoors? Palm Beach County offers some of the most beautiful natural environments South Florida has to offer. Here are a few parks and places you and your family will enjoy exploring.

Ocean Inlet Park

Ocean Inlet Park is a beautiful oceanfront park in Boynton Beach, Florida. With over 600 feet of beach frontage in its 11.39 acres, the park is a quaint yet ample place for adventure and fun. Known for its snorkeling, Ocean Inlet Park is home to thousands of species of marine wildlife from reef fish, turtles, dolphins, crustaceans, birds and more.

The park has received rave reviews from local families and residents saying that the park offers plenty of shaded tables for picnics, clean restrooms, clean beaches, a marina, day slip,

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Paddleboarding is to South Florida what skiing is to Colorado. The peaceful yet exhilarating sport of stand-up paddleboarding in Florida is the latest craze to hit waterways across the state. It’s easy to master, offers an amazing full-body workout and is extremely versatile. You can paddle leisurely through the mangroves, embark on an eco-tour with friends or carve a turn in the surf.

Blowing Rocks Preserve

Once you’re up at this Jupiter Island preserve, you’ll spot sea turtles, sharks, and an amazing reef. Too windy for you? Cross the street to the Intracoastal Waterway.

Coastal Dune Lakes

Want to paddle the Gulf and see sharks and turtles, or explore lakes with alligators and bass? Accomplish both in one trip at coastal dune lakes in

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The small quite town located between North Palm Beach and Jupiter is Juno Beach. the laid-back atmosphere and sandy coastline is perfect for anyone.

Juno Beach is located on a barrier island between the intracoastal waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. The small town is home to an estimated 3,700 residents and is home to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, the most populated Sea Turtle Nesting area, and the Juno Beach Fishing Pier.

On any given day, fishermen and visitors head to the Juno Beach Pier hoping to get a glimpse at some of the Marinelife below. The pier is a main hub of the town and features a snack bar, bait shop, fishing pole rentals, and a perfect view. The pier is part of the Juno Beach Park which is a popular beach spot for surfers,

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Whether you’re a transplant or a native, there is plenty about South Florida’s history that you probably don’t know. Here are some interesting facts about South Florida’s colorful history.

Florida Houses the Nation’s Oldest City

St. Augustine, settled by Europeans in 1565, is commonly called the nation’s oldest city.

A Great Place for Birding

The Great Florida Birding Trail is a statewide network of 510 wildlife viewing sites found along a flyway for migrating birds.

Florida Houses the Country’s Largest Wetland Area

The Florida Everglades, containing 1.5 million acres of sawgrass, marshes, mangrove forests, hardwood hammocks and wetlands, is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States.

The Theme Park Capital


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Landscaping the Florida-Friendly way means using low maintenance plants and environmentally sustainable practices. Here are a few of the ways you can improve your home’s landscaping.

Water infrequently but thoroughly

Most lawns need about 3/4 to 1 inch of water once per week, or once every two weeks when the weather cools. Water can come from rain, or from irrigation. Infrequent but deep watering encourages deep rooting, as well as healthier and hardier plants with a greater tolerance for drought.

Water at the right time of day

Water early in the day, especially in warmer weather, when evaporation rates are lowest.

Watch your lawn instead of a schedule or calendar

Your lawn needs watering when:

  • Grass blades are folded in half
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In 1987, an iron cannon was found by two surfers who reported it to the lifeguard, Peter Leo, on Jupiter Beach. Two days later, the same lifeguard found the cannon while swimming and contacted Captain Dominic Addario, a master mariner and marina owner, for help investigating the mysterious find. Throughout two weeks, they discovered more cannons, then silver “pieces of eight”, rare gold coins, and a 78-pound ingot of silver!

The treasure came from a sunken 1715 “Plate” Fleet (plate referring to the Spanish word for "silver") that was collecting new wealth from the American possessions of the Spanish Empire to transport it to Spain. Upon their route back, the fleet encountered a severe hurricane, causing 10 of its 11 ships to sink offshore near the

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The wait is over, baseball is back. The Major League Baseball’s 2020 Season is having its Opening Day this Thursday, July 23rd.

For Opening Day baseball fans get to see the 2019 World Series Champions Washington Nationals host the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the San Francisco Giants on Thursday. The remaining MLB teams will also start the 2020 Season this Thursday.  

The Washington Nationals come to Palm Beach County every year for their Spring Training games at the FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches. The Houston Astros also use the same field for Spring Training. In Jupiter, the Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium is home to the Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training games.

The Baseball season will be

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The iconic Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach was founded in 1896 by the industry tycoon Henry M. Flagler. Flagler, one of the great American industrialists started a trend on the island of Palm Beach of elegant properties. Soon after, other industry tycoons and socialites began flocking to the new destination.

Flagler first made his debut on the island with The Royal Poinciana, a six-story hotel on the Intracoastal side of the island. Just two years later, Flagler debuted the premier oceanfront hotel, The Breakers. 

Unfortunately, the hotel had two fires, in 1903 and then again in 1925 and the hotel had to undergo renovations. The second renovations were awarded to New York-based architects and designers, Shultze and Weaver, who would later go on to

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