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A South Florida “Feel Good” Story – Thank You Ford!

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Monday, April 6th, 2020 at 7:18pm.

Everyone loves a “feel good” story and South Florida will not disappoint!   A spokesperson for Ford stated that a subsidiary of the car manufacturer is now producing medical face shields.  One face shield is produced every ten seconds.  More than one million medical face shields were manufactured within 13 days.  This past week, Ford spokesperson, Daniel Barbossa, told CNN of the achievement and many Americans perceived it to be nothing short of a miracle! 

The Ford subsidiary facility is located outside Detroit, MI. Currently there are 120 employed at the facility.   Ford executives issued a “call to action “on March 19, after receiving an alert from the Mayo Clinic, and worked up a plan to address the personal protective equipment shortage.  Within hours, the car manufacturer decided to pivot and turn from building cars to manufacturing medical devices. This action set into motion the initial steps that would generate tens of thousands of protective face shields for doctors, nurses and first responders, the heroes on the front lines of this pandemic crisis. 

Over 120,000 face shields have been delivered to New York and the tri-state area already, and the millionth face shield produced is being delivered today to the New York City Procurement Center. These face shields have been delivered to hospitals and first responders in over 16 states.  

One can only say, Thank you!


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