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Best At-Home Workout Equipment to Try During the Coronavirus

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 at 12:10pm.

For many, working out is a way to keep both mentally and physically healthy. It’s more than a way to keep in shape, it’s also a chance to spend excess energy, release endorphins, and improve your mood.

It’s been weeks since South Florida gyms have temporarily closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic. While in the grand scheme of things not having access to the gym is far from a “big deal,” it has left many looking for new ways to maintain all the benefits they usually get from going to the gym. Thankfully, there is equipment and a number of apps you can use to workout socially while still maintaining responsible social distance. Here are a few of the best.


Cost: $2,245 for the Peloton bike. $39 per month for the all-access Peloton app. Peloton also has a $12.99 digital app that grants you access to classes but doesn’t store metrics. A 90-day free trial is available.

Equipment: The Peloton bike for the full Peloton cycling experience. But if you have your own bike and lifting or running equipment, you can use the digital app for workouts.

While the company is known for its signature bike, Peloton’s app also has yoga, treadmill, and strength classes. And you don’t need to buy the bike to use the company’s workout app.


Cost: $1,495 for the Mirror (heart rate monitor included). The app is $39 per month for unlimited classes and can support up to six unique users.

Equipment: The Mirror.

Mirror is like Peloton, but for an off-the-bike workout. It’s a sleek, expensive device that is installed on a wall in your home and projects a real-life trainer, who’ll conduct a live class, in the exercise mirror equipment. You’re working out in your home and following along with a trainer that lives in your mirror.


Cost: The weighted jump ropes range from $99 to $139. The Crossrope app is free.

Equipment: Crossrope.

Running may be both one of the most accessible and most therapeutic forms of cardio right now. Provided that they’re keep social distancing in mind, Americans are still allowed to get outside and away from their quarantine bases for a few moments. Parks and wide, empty sidewalks are ideal places to get in a long run, and all you need is a pair of sneakers and maybe some good music.

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