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Diner en Blanc an Hommage to Paris

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 at 9:59pm.


Diner en Blanc is a global mass “chic picnic” event, in a public space, spanning five continents.  It is an elegant “flash mob" gathering of diner guests, dressed formally in all white, participating in the refined elegance of Parisian days by gone. The guest list is limited, refined diners are invited or must have previously signed up; location is top secret and not divulged until the day of the Diner en Blanc (generally, one hour prior to the dining hour).

The concept began in Paris, France in 1988 and the inaugural dinner will be taking place this evening locally. The same Diner en Blanc concept will take place November 10, 2015, in West Palm Beach in Miami for the second time this evening as well.

Frenchman, Francois Pasquier invited a group of friends to elegant outdoor evening dinner 27 years ago in Paris.  He asked that his guest dress in all white so they could easily identify one and other.  The notion now takes places in over 50 cities around the world.

Paris hosts nearly 15,000 diner guests to Diner en Blanc. The Paris Diner en Blanc is invite only and descends upon a very public location annually.  Montreal, New York City, Singapore, Melbourne, Miami, and now West Palm Beach, as well as many other iconic cities host the event.  The secret location is announced upon boarding pre-arranged busses taking the invitees to the public dining spot.  Each guest must be dressed in all white, bring a picnic basket, chairs, table, white linens and champagne, if permitted.

This evenings Diner en Blanc in Paris “popped up” at Palais Royal.  An unofficial rouge dinner party was held at the Louve.  The rouge dinner is rumored to have been orchestrated by uninvited guests from the prior year party for bad behavior.

Last year’s Diner en Blanc in Miami had 1,200 guests, and 2,200 guests are expected this year. The inaugural West Palm Beach Diner en Blanc anticipates 1,200 guests.

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