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"Ethical and Sustainable" is the Latest Fashion

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 at 2:03pm.

Ethical brands and sustainable products are the whole shebang and catching on like wildfire! The latest fashion trend is not a seasonal color or a must-have style - it is an eco-concept of green products. Eco-products, known as environment friendly products as they cause minimal harm to people and the environment.

The thought of sustainable fashion and ethical clothing is one concept. The textiles industry is wreaking havoc on the environment between the processes to make clothing and the waste when it gets tossed, so brands and consumers alike have taken a much-needed interest in improving these issues.

While "fast fashion" describes apparel that is inexpensively made and intended for short-term use. A “one and done” wearable outfit.  On the other side of the pendulum is ethical or "sustainable" fashion. It is the opposite of “fast fashion” and is sometimes even referred to as "slow fashion."

Most sustainable items look at the full picture.  Taking into the justification of the full lifecycle of the product.  The product concept begins at inception: from the design, sourcing, and production processes. Consideration includes everything and everybody being affected by it.  Every product somehow impacts the environment, to the hands of the workers and communities where it is produced.  

There is a growing demand for greener products and the industry is answering the demand. Many marketing experts target consumers who care to purchase ethical and sustainable products with appearances of green leaves, bamboo key words, and raffia. Not all are sustainable, ecofriendly items, they are just promoted as such.  

Palm Beach County residents be wise consumers and do your research.  For a minimum look for all natural, non-toxic ingredients and plastic free packaging. It is important that “products that do not harm the environment whether in their production, use or disposal”.


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