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Firefly Hike at the Pine Glades Natural Area

Posted by Brittany Bosher on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 at 7:47pm.

Take a different type of hike through the Floridian wilderness on the Firefly Hike in the Pine Glades Natural Area near Jupiter. See the evening come to life with the gentle flicker of fireflies or lightning bugs as they light up the night sky. 

Join the staff at the Environmental Resources Management (ERM) as the sunsets over the surrounding environment. The Firefly Hike will take place this Thursday, August 4th from 7pm to 9pm at the Pine Glades Natural Area, 14122 West Indiantown Road, Jupiter Florida. Admission is free for everyone but reservations are required. 

5 Fun Facts About Fireflies from www.About.com 

  • Fireflies, or Lightning Bugs are neither flies nor bugs. 
  • They are the world’s most efficient light producers. 
  • Fireflies talk to each other using light signals. 
  • Fireflies are bioluminescent through all of their lifecycles. 
  • Fireflies synchronize their light flashes. 

For more information about the Firefly Hike please call 561-233-2400.

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