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On the South Florida waters, eyewear is pretty much a given in this day and age of sun protection for the eyes and overall body in general. The most important thing when sight fishing to any species of fish is to be able to see the fish clearly. The most treasured piece of gear in your fishing arsenal is a quality pair of polarized sunglasses.

Even in the clear waters like we have here in South Florida can be difficult to see through the waters. Glare, bottom color, surface texture, wind and fish’s uncanny ability to disguise itself make sight fishing the most challenging. Selecting the accurate polarized sunglasses can be the difference between seeing and catching fish. Good sunglasses are a must no matter what species you are looking for. Bedding bass, cruising redfish, spotted sea trout, bright colored dolphin, striped sheep head, all types of billfish and so much more, and with the correct sunglasses can make all the difference.

Keep the light out – Choose a frame that provides good coverage and do not let light in peripherally from the side of the head and being comfortable is a must throughout a long fishing day. Lightweight frames that don’t pinch behind the ears are ideal. More importantly though, glasses can save your eyes from hooks, debris and other obstacles that Mother Nature can throw at you.

Choosing a lens color is a personal preference, however, it is important to choose a lens that provides high contrast. There are some recommendations for different light conditions. For shallow flats, beaches and marshes: Amber lenses. For deep water, offshore and bright sunlight: gray lenses. For softer light, glare and cloudy days: Yellow, light rose, or amber lenses work great.

The key is to find a lens that fit your personal style and the right combo of optimal color and contrast that blocks out the light; you’ll be seeing and catching more fish!
The future is so bright you need to wear GOOD sunglasses!

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