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Farmers Markets offer the freshest produce you can find in Southeast Florida, in particular the Palm Beaches. Eating in season can also help you get the most out of your produce. Because it is harvested by peak ripeness. There is no doubt that in-season produce has superior flavor. They are also substantially more nutrient dense as they are not being shipped. The longer a fruit or vegetable sits on a truck or shelf, the more nutrient loss. 

Some of the top local area farmers markets are:

1. Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market.

2. Family Farm

3. City of West Palm Beach Green Market

4. The Gardens Green Market

5. Farmer Greens Market 

People are intended to eat seasonally. In the fall and winter, fruits, and vegetables rich in vitamin C grow to strengthen the immune system. In the spring and summer, moisture-packed fruits and vegetables grow to ensure we stay well hydrated.

Florida’s In-Season Spring & Summer Produce

1. Asparagus                                                            11. Mushrooms

2. Papaya                                                                  12. Bell peppers

3. Peaches                                                                13. Blueberries

4. Potatoes                                                               14. Cabbage

5. Radishes                                                               15. Cantaloupe

6. Spinach                                                                 16. Carrots

7. Sweet corn                                                            17. Celery

8. Tomatoes                                                              18. Cucumber

9. Watermelon                                                           19. Zucchini

10. Eggplant                                                              20. Grapefruit





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