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Golf Away Your Stress in Palm Beach County | Waterfront Properties

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Friday, January 24th, 2020 at 2:20pm.

Here in Palm Beach County golf and other physical activities are considered excellent forms of stress relief.  Palm Beach County has a surplus of private, as well as public golf courses available locals to get their respective game on. Golfers who shine in practice often crumble in tournaments because they manage stress poorly. Stress is an inevitable part of life. 

Golf is like no other than in Jupiter, Florida. The area is home to just 60,000 people, but without going more than 10 miles up and down the coast you can get to the home of the world’s top golfers Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka, Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and many others reside here. Officially, 35 PGA Tour pros live there, but between rentals and second, third, or fourth homes, the true number is certainly higher.

Too much stress can wreak havoc on your mind and body.  One of the goals in life is learning to cope with stress through relaxation. Failing to prepare for stress is as unacceptable as forgetting to bring your clubs to the course! The Anxiety and Depression Association of America encourage physical activity as vital for maintaining mental fitness and reducing stress. Stress is thought to be an important contributor to many health problems. Early stress scientists found that regardless of the environmental stressor, a generalized physiological response was activated. The “fight or flight” stress response causes a physiological reaction. The physical problems related to chronic stress include the lowering of the immune response, chronic muscle tension, and increased blood pressure. These problems can eventually lead to serious life-threatening illnesses such as heart attacks, kidney disease, and cancer. 

Load up the golf cart and hit anxiety hard with golf and feel stress melt away.  Check out a full list of Palm Beach County Golf Courses here and enjoy a day outside in the South Florida sunshine.

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