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Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens Rank High Among Residents

Posted by Ali Kane on Monday, April 9th, 2018 at 1:57pm.

Every year, the Town of Jupiter conducts a survey to identify the areas of strength and areas that need improvement. The results from the survey are taken from Jupiter resident’s that have been contacted either online or by mail. Not everyone received the survey, but the survey was available on the Town of Jupiter’s website to participate if weren’t contacted. The audience was chosen at random from addresses within the town’s boundaries and mailed to the residents.

The results are in and were presented at the Town Council meeting on Tuesday, March 20th. Jupiter scored over 90% on quality of life, livability, overall image, great place to live and raise children, neighborhoods, and great place to retire. Other areas that scored high marks were natural environment such as cleanliness and air quality, wellness and recreation, safety, and economy.

The survey also compared the entire state of Florida, last year’s scores, and the United States benchmark scores to Jupiter’s. Out of all the things that were surveyed, Jupiter scored higher compared to others and from previous years. The survey found that Safety, Economy, and Natural Environment were the most important among its residents. Click here to view the results from the survey.

Similarly, Palm Beach Gardens conducted a survey last summer and the city has also scored high marks among its residents. About 94% of the residents prefer to live in Palm Beach Gardens and said they would highly recommend the city to anyone looking to move.

The results were based on a phone interview conducted with 400 randomly selected people from summer of 2017. Those contacted were reached by either land-line or cellphone and had both listed and unlisted phone numbers.

The residents noted that the closeness to family, proximity to work, and the upscale community is what made the city so favorable. Residents also noted they were satisfied with the growth in entertainment and restaurants, and the survey cited that they residents would like more restaurants and shopping in the area.

The city’s municipal department was also rated very highly as well, about 9 out of 10 residents were highly satisfied with the work that has been done. Residents commented on the parks and recreation services provided by the city, saying that they are a vital part to the community.


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