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Jupiter Beach Dog Friendly

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 at 4:55pm.

The Town of Jupiter is home to one of the few remaining dog friendly beaches in the State of Florida.  Jupiter is located north of Palm Beach and just south of Stuart, Florida.  Having “man’s best friend” allowed on the 2 and ½ mile stretch of beach is a privilege.  Well behaved dogs and their conscientious owners are always welcome on the beach.

Certain rules apply when you bring Fido to the beach.

  • While off-leash, let dogs run in uncrowded areas, giving no one reason to complain.
  • Don’t let dogs invade the space of or bathroom near other people or dogs uninvited.
  • Clean up after dogs with FJB dog bags, provided at every beach crossover, or bring your own bags.
  • Don’t bury poop or throw it in the dunes or water.  ‘Go’ at home before beach time.
  • Bring dogs to the beach early or late.  Less hot, less crowded.
  • Dogs are not allowed in lifeguarded areas, PBC Natural Areas or Town of Jupiter parks.  Respect any “no dogs allowed” signs.
  • Please don’t litter.  If you bring it to the beach, take it home from the beach.

Exercise caution when taking your four-legged family member to the beach.  Give your dog a shady spot and plenty of fresh water.  Don’t allow your dog to drink the ocean water.  Did you know dogs can get a sunburn?  Put sunscreen to his ears and nose before going outside.  It is wise to limit exposure to the sun and heat. Hot sand and asphalt can burn your dog’s paws.  Running on the beach is strenuous exercise.  If your dog is out of shape, he could pull a muscle or tendon. Keep your dog’s coat shiny by rinsing him thoroughly with fresh water.  Always check conditions, strong rip tides and currents are common.  Never leave your dog unattended.  Please use free dog bags, located at every crossover, to clean up after your pet.


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