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Jupiter Beaches Close for Ten Days to Rebuild the Dunes

Posted by Brittany Bosher on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 at 1:38pm.

Some of the Jupiter beaches north of Marcinski will be shut down for a ten-day period to make way for a ton of sand! Literally, 13,000 tons of sand is being trucked down from Saint Lucie County to be dispersed among the ¼ mile stretch of beach closest to A1A from north of the Reef Club to just south of Carlin Park.

The work will take place during daylight hours from 7am to 5pm. While the beaches and beach accesses will be closed for this ten-day restoration period, the sidewalks will be open.

The beach restoration will help repair the natural damage done to the dunes by storms from the past few years. Native plants will be added to help keep the dunes in place. These dunes are an incredibly important, natural feature that protects A1A and the walkovers from the weather and ocean.

This beach restoration is different from the beach re-nourishments we see here in south Florida as well. A re-nourishment is when sand is added to rebuild or widen the beaches after the currents wash away sand and narrow the beach. A restoration is to build up the dunes and habitat that is so important to the Floridian ecosystem.

This restoration will be complete by March 1st, the beginning of sea turtle season, one of the most prized times in Jupiter.

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