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Now is the time to get some of those projects done that you’ve been putting off. Whether it’s redoing your garage or organizing your closet, here are some tips for getting the most out of your space.

Add Another Row

You can buy or build another row into your closet if it includes high cubbies that are not giving you enough bang for your buck. You can only efficiently stack clothes so high until it becomes ridiculous. That is why, after a certain point, it becomes better to add another row.

There are prebuilt wooden and plastic rows. Or, you can simply nail or drill a piece of wood in yourself to create more storage space in your closet.

Get Rid of Old Shoes

People tend to hoard shoes more than other types of clothing. This is an especially pernicious habit because shoes take up so much space. If you are looking to organize your closet, go through your shoe collection and be honest with yourself about what you should keep, what you should donate, and what you should throw away.

Pack the Seasonal Clothing

If you're looking for closet organizing ideas, after Winter has passed, many people throw their giant sweaters, boots, and heavy pants back into the closet and treat them as if they were like all their other clothes. This is a silly waste of space. You are never going to wear a giant Michelin Man-style sweater outside of winter. So why keep it stored in your closet year-round?

Get a chest or a large plastic container and store your winter clothes somewhere they are not taking up so much space. Either that or put them in under-bed storage containers. Under-bed storage is one of those places that few people think of. You can do a lot more with space under your bed then just kick dirty cloths! Consider getting a thin storage container for your shoes to free up some closet space by storing them under your bed.

Try Space Saving Hangers

If you've never used space-saving hangers, you are in for a treat. One of the most inexpensive of the closet organization ideas, space-saving hangers, only cost a few bucks, and they can double or even triple the amount of hanging space you have in your closet.

Use Corner Storage

The final of our closet organization ideas is to utilize your corner storage. Walk-in closets typically miss the opportunity to capitalize on their corner-storage. Corner shelves are great for storing clothes, shoes, or whatever you need. If your closet is not walk-in, then you can still use corner storage in other parts of your room to free up more space.

If you use corner storage outside of your closet, consider displaying some of your more attractive pieces like boots, purses, or other leather items.


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