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Rose and Fragrance Garden – Palm Beach County

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022 at 3:44pm.

Mounts Botanical Garden is situated at 531 North Military Trail, in West Palm Beach, and is the site of the Rose and Fragrance Garden. Mounts Botanical Garden of Palm Beach County is a 14-acre living plant museum with twenty-five unique garden areas. Think of a tropical paradise with ever-changing beauty, that you can stroll through for relaxation, inspiration, or information.

Roses are often called “the world’s most popular flowers.” Roses add a touch of elegance, familiarity with color, and an unforgettable fragrance. The design of this rose-infused landscape adds a new dimension to the beautiful gardens at Mounts Botanical. The artful arrangement of plants pleases the eye while scent brings another element into play, creating an unforgettable experience. From delicately scented leaves to heavily perfumed tropical flowers, the aroma of roses adds another level of indulgence to this flower garden.

Visit any of the gardens and enjoy a unique experience specific to the garden you tour. Ranging from the Tranquility Garden to the Edible Garden and others, Mounts will not disappoint the inner botanist in you. 

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