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Snook Season Starts in Palm Beach County

Posted by Lacey Hagler on Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 at 2:11pm.

On September 1st, the much awaited recreational snook season reopens in Palm Beach County for the duration of September, October, November, and midway through December.

South Florida snook is one of the most prized and most regulated fish due to a few good reasons. Snook not only puts up a powerful fight, but its mildly-firm white meat has an excellent flavor due to its diet of crustaceans and other small fish. Because of this, if snook fishing was left unmanaged, they would surely be a rare sight.

Buying or selling a snook in the state of Florida is illegal, so if you’re dying to feast on this sly silver fish, you’ll just have to catch it yourself!

The bag limit for harvesting snook is ONE per harvester per day, your catch must be between 28” and 32” in total length, hook and line is the only allowable gear, and a valid recreational fishing license with a snook permit it required.

Before you embark on your inshore adventure, make sure your license is valid and you understand the current snook fishing regulations.

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