South Florida Socially Distant Halloween Treats

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Halloween is upon us, and nothing could be scarier than what 2020 has doled out already, COVID19. No worries for sunny South Florida.  Social distance candy distribution for Halloween 2020 has not gone to the birds, it has gone to sports nuts! This year the simple act of trick or treating and handing out candy has become complicated and as such people are adjusting on how they plan to celebrate the holiday.


This is more for you than the kids. The best part: It requires no equipment. Basically, you shoot the candy like you are Michael Jordan and the trick or treaters try to catch it in their pails and pillowcases.


Grab that tennis racket and depending on the age of the ghost or goblin, lob that Three Musketeers bar gently to the little guy or smack that Snickers bar at that annoying teenager in lame nonexistent costume.


This one is a bit risky (a/k/a not advisable) and best to check with legal counsel first.  Dig the old pitching machine out of the garage, load it up with appropriately sized candy bags and set the dial… (insert evil laugh)!!!!


Jai Alai is a sport that uses a curved cesta to hurl a hard ball, pelota, at ridiculous speeds. Load up the cesta with candy and fling into the crowd of costumed kids!

These are all just silly suggestions to bring about a smile during a crazy, unprecedented time in our lives.  Let us make the best of it!



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