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It is no secret to anyone that Florida gets its fair share of storms. In order to be ready for the unexpected, Governor DeSantis has signed into law a Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday beginning June 1st until June 14th, and then again from August 24th to September 6th. With two different periods to purchase everything you need; I would go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity. 

The sales tax in Florida is 6%, so this gives anyone the chance to purchase any necessities they may need with a slight discount. Here is the list of eligible items that fall under the 2024 tax-free holiday. 

$10 or less 

Wet dog or cat food if sold individually or the equivalent if sold in a box or case

$15 or less

Manual can openers

Collapsible or…

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Earth Day 2024 is right around the corner (next Monday) and what better way to celebrate the planet that we all call home than by trying to preserve it. The Loggerhead Marinelife Center of Juno Beach will be having their annual Earth Day beach clean-up calling all those who love our beautiful beaches to come out and support! 

Taking place Saturday the 20th, this beach clean-up will run from 8:30am to 11am and all are welcome to join. The address for the event is 14200 U.S. Hwy 1, Juno Beach, FL 33408, and all materials necessary to pick up waste will be provided by Loggerhead Marinelife Center. This is open to the public and will self-guided. There is no sign up required, all you need is yourself and your enthusiasm for keeping the beaches of Juno…

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When it comes to sunsets in Florida, most people would think of places like Naples or Sanibel Island over on the Gulf. But as the sun begins to fade, painting the sky with shades of orange, red, pink, and purple, there is something truly magical about watching a sunset in Jupiter and Juno Beach. With an abundance of gorgeous coastline, lush parks, and eclectic restaurants, this slice of heaven offers some of the most breathtaking views of the evening sky. Here are the top spots to catch a stunning sunset in the area: 

Jupiter Lighthouse: Perched up high along the Jupiter Inlet, the Jupiter Lighthouse provides the ultimate backdrop for a sunset experience like no other. As golden hour takes over the surrounding park, visitors can climb to the top of the…

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As winter blankets much of the Northern Hemisphere in a chilly embrace, South Florida emerges as a haven of warmth and well-being. The winter months in this tropical paradise create an environment that calls individuals to embrace a lifestyle filled with sunshine, outdoor adventures, and unparalleled beauty. 

First and foremost, the weather in South Florida during winter is nothing short of spectacular. While the rest of the country battles grey skies, cold winds, and snow-covered streets, South Florida enjoys mild temperatures that hover comfortably in the mid-70s. This delightful weather creates the perfect opportunity for outdoor activities, encouraging people to step outside and engage in physical exercise, whether it is a leisurely stroll along…

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Mounts Botanical Garden is transforming into a tropical paradise with its latest exhibition, "Tropical Holiday Trees at Mounts." This festive display features three magnificent trees, each standing tall at 8 to 15 feet, meticulously crafted by the skilled Mounts Horticulture Team. What sets these trees apart from their traditional evergreen counterparts is their unique decorations – hundreds of vibrant bromeliads, orchids, and other tropical botanicals. 

Running until December 31st, this one-of-a-kind exhibit invites visitors to experience the magic of the holidays in a tropical setting. The lush and diverse array of plants not only adds a splash of color but also introduces a refreshing twist to the traditional holiday decor. It is a celebration of…

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As the golden years approach, the search for the perfect retirement destination becomes a significant milestone and decision. Look no further than Palm Beach County, Florida, a retirees dream that stands out among the many other options across the United States. Here is why retiring to Palm Beach County is an unrivaled choice. 

First and foremost, Palm Beach County boasts a climate that is the envy of the country. With an average of 230ish sunny days per year, retirees can bid farewell to harsh winters and embrace a lifestyle bathed in perpetual sunshine. The temperate climate allows for year-round outdoor activities, from leisurely strolls along pristine beaches to rounds of golf on world-class courses. 

Beyond the weather, Palm Beach County offers…

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Located in between West Palm Beach and Miami, Boca Raton stands out as an exceptional place to live for a variety of reasons. From its pristine beaches to its one-of-a-kind culinary scene and ample job opportunities/top-notch educational institutions, Boca Raton offers a lifestyle that is hard to beat. Let us dive into why this South Florida gem is an amazing place to call home.

Tropical Paradise: Boca Raton is synonymous with stunning beaches and a year-round tropical climate. The blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean are perfect for beachgoers, water sports enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike. There is no shortage of opportunities for swimming, surfing, or simply basking in the warm Florida sun, no matter which season it is.

Education: Home to…

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Located across the street from the Palm Beach International Airport, Mounts Botanical Garden is a hidden gem that calls all nature enthusiasts to come visit. This 20-acre tropical oasis offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity of the botanical world. Whether you are a Palm Beach County resident or someone looking to become one, a visit to Mounts Botanical Garden promises a captivating experience for all ages.

One of the first things that makes this garden stand out is its commitment to accessibility. Palm Beach County residents are in for a treat, as they can enjoy the lush landscapes for a mere $5 per person on the second Saturday of each month. Even better, children aged 17 and under get in absolutely…

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In the Sunshine State, the arrival of fall and winter is met with a unique sense of excitement and relief. While much of the nation braces itself for snow and frigid temperatures, Floridians can kick back and enjoy their perpetual summer state of mind. Here's why Floridians aren't worried about fall and winter weather approaching.

Perfect Temperatures

While other states battle the upcoming freezing temperatures, Floridians continue to bask in mild and comfortable weather. Fall and winter in Florida typically bring temperatures ranging from the high 60s to the low 80s, making outdoor activities a year-round possibility. It's no wonder Floridians embrace this time of year.

Endless Sunshine

The name says it all – Florida is the Sunshine State.…

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Jupiter, Florida, is the ideal location for families looking to thrive and create the life they always dreamt of. Offering a harmonious mix of natural beauty, quality education, community togetherness, and diverse activities, Jupiter stands as a superb choice for families seeking the perfect environment to raise their kids.

  • Nature's Playground: Situated along Florida's eastern coastline, Jupiter's pristine beaches and ideal weather provide families with abundant outdoor recreational options. From the beach to the woods, nature becomes an accessible playground for family enjoyment all year round.
  • Strong Education: With a range of top-rated public and private schools, Jupiter ensures that children receive a quality education, setting the stage for…

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