The Miami Grand Prix: Formula 1 Race Weekend in South Florida

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It is exciting times down here in South Florida as Formula 1 (F1) has made its way to the Sunshine State once again. As the sport becomes more global, we as Floridians are extremely fortunate to be one of only three United States destinations that get to witness part of the season live and in person. This weekend has a lot in store and is sure to be thrilling, so here is everything you need to know about the Miami Grand Prix and F1 as a whole. 

First off, to explain Formula 1 to someone that does not know what it is, in simple terms think of Nascar but instead of going around in circles for a couple hours you have an open-cockpit one seat car that reaches speeds of 200 plus MPH as they make their way through a track with straights and turns. With races all over the world, no track or in this case circuit, is the same. There are ten different teams with two drivers each and that makes up what is called the grid. Think of the grid as positioning the drivers in order based off their qualifying race performances. These drivers will then compete against one another for a certain number of laps that corelates with the distance of each circuit. The winner is the one who finishes the circuit the quickest and the quicker you finish the more points you receive. 

Miami has hosted their Grand Prix for a couple of years now and it gets bigger and better with each passing year. Amongst the crowd you will see celebrities and high-profile figures from around the world in attendance. Tickets are in high demand which means they sell for high prices. With three days broken down into a practice day (Friday), qualifying race (Saturday), and race day (Sunday), the price of admission is well worth it. 

With the festivities underway, here is how you can get down to Miami Gardens from Palm Beach County. You can take the Brightline Train from the West Palm Beach station to the Ft Lauderdale or Miami station, and from there use ride share services. You could also just use ride share services all the way down but be prepared for high fare rates. Lastly, you could drive yourself down, but understand in advance that traffic will be stop and go especially near the festivities. 

So, if you have any interest in attending the Miami Grand Prix, get your tickets before it is too late and head down to Miami for a weekend that will keep you on the edge of your seat. South Florida proves once again that no matter the time of year, there is always something going on. In Palm Beach County, our accessibility to so many fantastic destinations is one of the best parts about living here. For more information on the race and F1 as a whole, click here


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