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The raw speed and pack mentality is what makes Wahoo so popular. Wahoo are capable of speeds up to 60 mph, they have teeth as sharp as razors and they fight hard! They also rate A+ on the grill. Add all these factors together and you come up with a species that deserves your desire. Are you ready to set your sights on wahoo? Then take note of some wahoo-catching tips gathered by local anglers in South Florida.

Rig up your wahoo baits with several feet of single strand 80-120 test wire leader. Use the right colors on the rubber skirts when you rig the large ballyhoo, wahoo are very color specific in their preferences. These fish gravitate towards red/black and purple/black combinations.

Wahoo like to cruise around weed lines and attack the fish from below. Using downriggers set your offerings 20’ to 35’ below the surface. Once your lines are set, look for anything floating on the surface that could hold bait, and troll around or along it.

Kick the throttle up a notch; Wahoo are prime candidates for high-speed trolling. They are speedsters and like to attack fast baits. Additionally, fast trolling speeds to catch wahoo allow fisherman to cover larger areas of water.  

Watch all your rod tips closely, if you see one of the rods take a sudden dip and then spring back up, drop the reel into free spool and allow the bait to sink for a few seconds. Then thumb the spool and jig the line once or twice. Wahoo like to chop their prey in half, eat one end, then circle back and eat the other half. Often they will bite ballyhoo off just behind the hook. So if you act as fast as a wahoo and give it a drop-back, the wahoo will often turn around and come back for more!

Try these tips & catch some wahoo! Remember: Tight Lines & Bent Rods!

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