July 2022

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On July 1, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. the blues, soul, rock and roll, band known as Brothers of Others will rock the house. The band will keep you engaged and entertained at the Colony Hotel at 155 Hammon Avenue, Palm Beach. The band felt accomplished when they accepted a contract at the Loews Hotel in South Beach for 4 weeks of shows. The artists assembled a list of popular songs, tossed in originals, and hit the stage with powerful three-part harmonies. Each band member trades lead vocal, drums, bass, and guitar duties.

The Loews South Beach instantly signed the band for a full year, allowing them to expand their repertoire and stage performance. The Ritz-Carlton South Beach came knocking on the band’s door within months of signing with the Loews and

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 Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) has profound effects on the body and the mind. Sound therapy uses sacred sound to realign, restore, and retune the body. Sound Healing in Stuart can help. The VST method is above all a method of relaxation, and most people will reach this state of relaxation quickly, even during their first session. Sound healing specializes in using the targeted natural energy of sound to promote health and wellness.

During a VST session the body will go through noticeable changes as it responds to deeper and deeper states of rest. Relaxation is not only a physical state but also a state of consciousness, and VST has strong effects on alertness and perception. It can be used alone or in complement with other treatment methods. It helps

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The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts is a not-for-profit, professional performing arts center in downtown West Palm Beach in Palm Beach County. The distinguished Kravis Center is presenting a world premiere musical. The musical “TIME STOPS– A New Musical” will be presenting in the Marshall E. Rinker Playhouse between July 15, 2022 – July 17, 2022.

“TIME STOPS - A New Musical” tells the story of writer Emma Portman as she begins a journey to create a musical based on the life her late daughter never had the chance to experience. As she retreats further into her imaginary world, the other people in her life find themselves at their own crossroads of unrealized dreams. "TIME STOPS – A New Musical" celebrates the bonds of unconditional love, and

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