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IPIC Theater Opens In Delray Beach

Posted by Ali Kane on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 at 2:30pm.

The IPIC Theater recently opened in Delray Beach last week. The upscale movie theater located just south of Atlantic Avenue in downtown Delray Beach on Thursday, March 7th.

The theater complex features eight giant movie screens, office and retail space and a parking garage. The movie theater seats are viewing pods, which wrap around movie goers to create your own private space. The seats recline, in addition to be very comfortable. The pods also come with hidden cup holders, a blanket and a pillow. The seat pods reduce the amount of seating per theater, but the movie theater has 443 seats with the auditoriums ranging from 40 to 80 seats in each.

Construction on the Delray Beach theater complex began in July of 2017, after waiting three years for the city’s approval. The building is 50,000 square feet and has six levels, a large parking garage, ground floor bar, and a rooftop garden with views of downtown Delray Beach.

Although the theater in Delray has 8 auditoriums for movies and films, one can also be converted for live performances such as magic shows, comedy acts, or musical acts, the same way the Boca Raton complex is set up.

In- Theater dining is available at this location for you to enjoy while watching some of the latest box office hits. With a push of a button, servers will serve you pillows, blankets and unlimited popcorn in addition to the chef-driven theater menu. The menu includes pizza, sharable appetizers, vegetarian options, desserts, side dishes, spring rolls, tacos, salads, fried chicken and much more. To view the full menu, click here.
To view the showtimes for movies playing at IPIC, click here.

IPIC Delray Beach is located at 25 SE 4th Avenue in Delray Beach.

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