The Town of Jupiter and the Village of Tequesta are nestled between Palm Beach Gardens and Stuart. Both areas cater to the outdoor style, as they wrap around the Loxahatchee River and Intracoastal Waterway, which provide incomparable views to residents. For this reason, water sports and boating are abundant. Jupiter and Tequesta also offer their share of championship golf courses and pristine beaches frequented often under consistently sunny skies.

Yellowtail snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus) is a popular marine fish species found in warm waters of the western Atlantic Ocean, particularly in Southeast Florida, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico. Here in Jupiter, yellowtail is highly regarded for its delicate flavor and firm texture, making it a favorite among recreational fishermen and seafood fans.

yellowtail snapper in the waters off Jupiter, Florida

Here are some key characteristics and information about the yellowtail snapper:

  1. Appearance: Yellowtail snapper are known for their striking appearance. They have a bright, metallic silver body with a distinct yellow stripe that runs from their snout to the base of their tail. This yellow stripe gives the fish its name. The dorsal (upper) fin and anal (lower) fin are also tinged with yellow,…

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Jupiter is primarily known for its excellent seafood. But sometimes there's just nothing like a good burger. Burgers are versatile: you can find a great burger in some of the local dives, and you can also find an unexpectedly great burger at some of the area’s finest dining establishments. So, let’s consider the variety of factors that contribute to a truly great experience. Here's a list of the top 10 places to get the best burger in Jupiter, Florida.

debatably the best burger in Jupiter at the bar of one of the restaurants

From Famous Dives to Fine Dining: The Best Burger in Jupiter

  1. Dune Dog Café

    • Dune Dog is one of the most iconic neighborhood businesses in Jupiter. Locally famous for its weekly specials, great value, and unique atmosphere, Dune Dog’s excellency in the world of hot dogs indeed extends…

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Welcome to the sun-kissed shores of Jupiter, Florida, where miles of picturesque sands meet the clearest waters on the East Coast. Join us as we explore the hidden gems and well-loved stretches of sand that make Jupiter's beaches so alluring. From the soothing sounds of crashing waves to the always-intriguing performances of seabirds, immerse yourself in the allure of Jupiter's coastal wonders, where every stretch of sand tells its own story. Let's dive into the natural beauty that awaits at the best beaches in Jupiter, where dreams of an idyllic escape come to life.

sunrise at Carlin Park, one of the many beaches in Jupiter Florida

  1. Jupiter Off-Leash Dog Beach
    Beginning just north of the Juno Beach Pier, Jupiter Off-Leash Dog Beach is the southernmost beach in town, but technically stretches for most of the…

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Jupiter is a happy-hour town. From idyllic waterfront restaurants and seat-yourself tiki bars to upscale fine dining, there’s something for everyone. Even if you’re not a drinker, many of the local restaurants will have some Happy Hour deals on food (usually if you sit at the bar). So, let’s get right to it, here’s a guide to the best happy hours in Jupiter Florida broken down by neighborhood/area.

group of friends at happy hour in Jupiter

Love Street & Inlet District Happy Hour

  1. U-Tiki Beach
    Monday-Friday 4:30-6:00pm (at the bar)
    Half-Off Well Liquor and House Wine. $2 off premium liquor and premium wine by the glass. $1 off all beer.
  2. Lucky Shuck
    Monday-Friday 3:00-6:00pm (at the bar)
    $2 Oysters, $9 Tuna Tacos, $7 House Spirits, $6 Beer on Tap, $8 Wine by-the-glass, $9 Cocktails, and…

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When it comes to world-class food and drinks, few places can compare to the bars and restaurants at the Jupiter Inlet Marina. With its mix of casual and upscale establishments, there's something for everyone, whether you're looking for a post-beach bite or a romantic dinner for two. Each restaurant offers its own unique atmosphere and menu, so you're sure to find something to love. And with its stunning views of the Jupiter Lighthouse and the Intracoastal Waterway, the Jupiter Inlet Marina is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a meal or beverage.

Here are some of the best spots in the Jupiter Inlet Marina for drinks and food:

  • U-Tiki 
  • Jetty’s 
  • Beacon 
  • Topside 
  • Lucky Shuck 
  • Charlie and Joe's at Love Street 
  • Square Grouper Tiki…

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Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to the Best Beaches in South Florida. In this in-depth guide, we’ll dive into the sun-drenched shores that define the tropical paradise of South Florida. From Dog Beach in Jupiter to the vibrancy of Miami, the tranquil sands in the Keys, and the picturesque stretches along the Southern Gulf Coast, South Florida is heaven-on-earth for beach lovers. Florida has some of the most pristine sands, turquoise waters, and diverse coastal landscapes in the country. Whether you seek bustling beachfront towns, secluded getaways, or family-friendly shores, this guide to the best beaches South Florida has to offer will unveil the iconic locations and hidden treasures that define South Florida's beach culture.

an aerial image of one of the best beaches in South Florida

Palm Beach County…

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Hot yoga has become an increasingly popular practice in Jupiter, Florida, infusing traditional yoga poses with elevated temperatures. As the heat intensifies, so does the chance to delve deeper into your practice, enhance flexibility and detoxify your body and soul. Beyond its mental and physical benefits, it also burns calories at a much higher rate compared to non-heated yoga sessions. 

 an outdoor yoga studio in Jupiter, Florida. multiple women doing a lunge with arms lengthened


Styles of Hot Yoga:

Hot yoga can be incorporated into various styles of yoga, with Bikram, Vinyasa, and Power hot yoga being the most common. Bikram yoga is consistently practiced in a heated environment, whereas Vinyasa and power yoga classes can be conducted in heated, hot, or non-heated settings. Warmer (headed) yoga sessions typically take place…

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Jupiter is a big boating town for a reason: the Inlet, the Loxahatchee River, the Intracoastal, the fishing, the sandbars, the waterfront restaurants, the list goes on. It's not without potential danger, though. Florida is home to more boaters than any other state, but that also correlates with boating accidents. So, if you don't already own a boat or aren't a member of one of the boat clubs, but have recently moved to Jupiter or have always wanted to learn this skill, then this is for you. Let's explore the key aspects of learning how to drive a boat and where you can learn to do so in and around Jupiter.

woman learning how to drive a boat in Jupiter Florida

First off, if you were born on or after January 1, 1988, and plan to operate a boat with an engine of ten horsepower or more, then you have to…

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Tucked between the Jupiter inlet and the South run of the Loxahatchee River lies a tropical par-3 golf course that is perfect for those looking to pick up the game for the first time, or for those looking to sharpen their short game. Compared to the Short Course at Augusta National, this little hideaway in Jupiter’s inlet district deserves a try if you’ve never been. Jupiter Dunes par-3 golf is a good time regardless of your skill level.

Great Way to Learn

Jupiter—and Northern Palm Beach County as a whole—are renowned for having some of the best golf in the country. But that can be intimidating if you’ve never played before. As stated on the course website, “Where else can you walk in the sea air, play an affordable 18 holes in two and a half…

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In honor of Wimbledon, the oldest and prestigious Tennis Tournament, beginning next week in Wimbledon, England, we rounded some of the Best Public Tennis Courts in Northern Palm Beach County to channel your favorite Tennis star. 

Public Tennis Courts in Northern Palm Beach County.

Carlin Park: Jupiter

Jupiter Bay Tennis Club: Jupiter

Jupiter Ocean and Racquet Club: Jupiter

Lighthouse Park: Jupiter

Jupiter Community Park: Jupiter

Abacoa Clay Courts: Jupiter

Juno Park: Juno Beach

Bert Winters Park: Juno Beach

Palm Beach Gardens Tennis and Pickleball Center: Palm Beach Gardens

North Palm Beach Country Club: North Palm Beach

Private Neighborhoods with Tennis Courts in Northern Palm Beach County.

Tequesta Country…

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