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Loxahatchee River District - Jupiter

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Saturday, March 12th, 2022 at 9:45am.

The Loxahatchee River District in Jupiter has been named “Best in Nation” by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  The Loxahatchee River District has been esteemed for its excellence in wastewater recycling by the Florida Water Environment Association. The organization operates an award-winning facility that collects wastewater from the community and recycles it for irrigation needs, preserving freshwater supplies for the environment. In addition to serving the community, they strive to maintain pristine habitats with water recycling efforts. Preservation of the "Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River" is the highest priority for the organization. 

Educating the public is one facet in which the Loxahatchee River District reaches out to the public. One of the nonprofit groups it supports is the Friends of the Loxahatchee. Together the Loxahatchee River District and the Friends of the Loxahatchee River support the local Jupiter high school program through internships, special field studies, and scholarship programs. These occasions provide valuable experience for futures in environmental science-related careers.

Loxahatchee Riverfront real estate lies within the borders of Tequesta and Jupiter Florida. This incredibly scenic area of the coast is perfect for boating, fishing, hiking, and bird watching.



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