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Manatee Lagoon in West Palm Beach

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 at 2:59pm.


Did you know that manatees are Florida’s marine mammal, and we proudly go to great lengths to protect them? Manatees are large, marine herbivoros known as sea cows.

The preservation of this endangered marine mammal is crucial, and it starts with community awareness. Throughout the colder months, manatees are drawn to warm-water outflows. They can’t survive in water that is less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Here in Palm Beach County, visit the Manatee Lagoon facility located at Florida Power and Light, 6000 North Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach. This is an ecological-discovery center offering a live webcam and it’s one of the top places to watch manatees.

The manatee is described as a very slow-moving mammal. They swim a typical speed of about 5 miles per hour. They can swim up to 15 miles per hour for a short amount of time.   It breathes by surfacing for air and breathing in through its nostrils. While under water, the manatee can close their nostrils to keep water out. Manatees may live up to 60 years. It’s suggested that manatees may have evolved more than 60 million years ago. 

Conservation is necessary for the preservation of this beautiful marine creature.  Please abide by slow wake zones and if you come into close proximately to a manatee, don’t touch and watch him swim by.




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