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More Parks And Recreation Areas Open In Jupiter

Posted by Ali Kane on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 at 2:02pm.

Over the weekend, Florida officials met with Palm Beach County officials to address reopening guidelines and orders for recreational facilities, businesses, and parks. Since the discussions, The Town of Jupiter has reopened more parks and facilities including dog parks.

Other town parks and natural areas have been open for a few weeks now under previous executive orders and will continue to operate under the established safety and social distancing guidelines. The new executive order went into effect as of yesterday and more parks and recreational facilities were allowed to open following safety guidelines and social distancing.

Jupiter Parks Now Open Under the new order include:
• Cinquez Dog Park
• F.I.N.D. Park
• Park pavilions (Jupiter Community Park picnic pavilions remain closed)
• Volleyball courts at Jupiter Community Park, Indian Creek Park and Heights Park
• Jupiter Skate Park now open by reservation only with a valid park membership. No more than 10 people allowed, and time is limited to 90 minutes.
• All restrooms at all parks will reopen today, May 19th
• Daily Park, Eastview Manor Park, Officer Bruce St. Laurent Park and Old Town Hall Park will remain closed.

Other Parks Open Include:
• Abacoa Community Park
• Indian Creek Park
• Jupiter Community Park
• Jupiter Village Park
• Lighthouse Park
• Maplewood Park
• North Palm Beach Heights Park
• Sawfish Bay Park

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