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Tips For Spring Cleaning

Posted by Ali Kane on Thursday, March 26th, 2020 at 1:50pm.

The spring season is upon us and there is nothing better than coming home to a clean and de-cluttered home. Spring-cleaning time is a way to give your favorite clothes, accessories, chairs and daily go- to’s a refresh. 

Here are some Spring Cleaning Tips from Good Housekeeping Magazine. 

1. Replace or clean your outdoor doormat. Doormats trap a lot of dirt that can be brought inside the home. 

2. Clean your windows and blinds with a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to get rid of all the streaks and dust build up. 

3. Clean your kitchen sink and garbage disposal with lemons.  Simply cut up a few pieces of lemons and drop them down the garbage disposal and turn it on to get your kitchen smelling like a fresh lemon scent. 

4. Your reusable grocery bags and reusable shopping bags can be washed by the washing machine, just turn them inside out and throw them in the machine and let them air dry to get rid of all the bacteria and germs. 

5. Go through your closet and remove anything that has a stain, is the wrong size, is worn out or needs repairs and place in a separate pile. Closet organization is important to do at the end of every season. Any clothes that are in good condition that you don’t wear anymore can be donated to one of the several charity donation shops and donation bins located around Palm Beach County

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