Weston, ranked the 73rd best place to live and the best place to live in Florida, is bounded by Fort Lauderdale to the northeast, Davie and Sunrise to the east, and the Everglades to the north and south. Weston is filled with parks, A-rated schools, an excellent record on crime, and tree-lined streets. It was also ranked as having the largest job growth in Florida and 18th in the nation.


The 10-bedroom Miami mansion, known as “Casa Casuarina”, was originally listed in June 2012 and then later reduced to $75 million.  Many expected the house to become the most expensive ever sold in Miami.   Bidding on the property has required very deep pockets.  It has required an opening offer of $25 million dollars.  A total of $3 million must be put in escrow and prospective buyers must show proof of a minimum of $40 million in funds.  

After more than a year on the real estate market, the estate once owned by legendary fashion designer Gianni Versace has sold.   Considered by most, at $41.5 million, the sale is a bit disappointing – 67% off the original asking in June 2012.  The estate was on FORBES’ magazine of "America’s Most Expensive Homes For…

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Living in the tropics is heaven on earth.  It is unlikely that the boundless beauty of clear ocean waters and sugar sand beaches will ever lose a little luster, if so you can always mix things up a bit.  CityPlace, 700 Rosemary Avenue, West Palm Beach, is a shopping, dining and entertainment venue located within a few minutes of some of the most sought after waterfront and golf course communities in South Florida.

CityPlace is presenting an “All Things Art” event series.  This event series offers a number of free activities the second Sunday each month.  Families and friends are welcome to attend the event from 1-4pm, which is part of the CityPlace Family Fun Fest.

The program includes a number of artsy activities, such as painting giant canvases, molding…

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A marketing survey released last year showed 45 percent of respondents would use PBIA most of the time if it had more direct flights, specifically to California and New York. The survey of the airports coverage area was done to identify “ways to stem the tide of passengers shifting to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando International airports.”  

The victory for PBIA, according to airport officials, was when American Airlines announced last Friday that it would add a nonstop flight to LAX. 

For the first three months, rates will be offered most non-holiday weeks at $294 round trip! If you are looking to get out of Jupiter...or come in from L.A., you can't beat the price of the ticket. Please visit American Airlines Flight Reservations.

American Airlines is receiving…

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Tickets for the second Annual BOCA BURGER BATTLE are on sale now!  The affair has drawn grilling sensations from all over Palm Beach County and South Florida’s top chefs.  People, as far north as Stuart and Jupiter, make the drive to Boca Raton for this culinary feast of burgers, veggie burgers, and little burger bites.   The event takes place at Sanborn Square Park, Downtown Boca Raton, 100 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton from 6pm – 10pm.
This community event features a “backyard b.b.q.” theme that not only highlights some of the best beef, fish, turkey and vegetarian burgers around; it also has an array of summer food tastings and gourmet samplings. French fires, onion rings, tropical salads, chicken wings, plenty of adult beverages and beer will…

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So many people have a love affair with the sun.  It makes you feel good, look good.  Many people love the warmth of the sun.  

Here in South Florida sun exposure is a way of life.  The Jupiter beaches are amazingly beautiful with powder white sand and sparkly blue waters.  The Loxahatchee River is a wide waterway of scenic beauty leading to a wildlife preserve and nature sanctuary. Being outdoors and on or near the water is a way of life.  Awareness about sun safety and information on tanning beds is essential. Skin cancer awareness is a Floridian way of life. As with many cancers, early diagnosis and treatment can be very effective. The YouTube video entitled "Dear 16 Year Old Me" is very direct and pertains to the extremes of melanomas.  Many of…

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To some, a lawn is the crowning glory of their property. Yet to others it is a tremendous hit on their checkbook. How do you feel?

When I grew up, Saturday entailed us mowing and weeding.  Not quite my American dream, or that of my brothers as young teens, but we had a lush green lawn and it was every suburbanites dream.

Today, I still love the look of an impeccable lawn.  I enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass and the feel of it under my bare feet.  Not always so happy with the cost to maintain it, the noise to mow it, the weed eaters, the mowers, aerators, chemicals and fertilizers, etc.  All of this to keep the turf looking great. Nevertheless, we love the look!

Studies show that well maintained landscaping can add 15% to the value of a home.  The studies…

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This Memorial Day please take a moment to commemorate all the men and women who have died while in military service for the United States of America.

This noble holiday started as an event to honor Union and Confederate soldiers who had died during the Civil War. After World War I, it was extended to include all men and women, who had died in any war or military action.  It was originally known as “Decoration Day” and fell on May 30, regardless of the day of the week on which it fell.  In 1968, a bill, known as the Uniform Holidays Bill passed, and Memorial Day became officially observed on the last Monday in May as a national holiday.

Memorial Day is not to be confused with Veteran’s Day.  Memorial Day is a day of remembering those who died while serving in…

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Canadian snowbirds may soon be able to spend two extra months nesting in their favorite spot, the sunshine state!  Each year Canadian snowbirds find their way to sunny south Florida. Currently, Canadians, aged 55 and older have a 182 day annual limit to stay in the U.S. without a visa. Winding its way through Congress is a provision that would extend that limit to 240 days – about eight months total.

Canadians represent a major boost to the economy in the U.S., particularly southern states such as Florida.  Florida recently dropped the requirement of an international drivers permit after strong objections from the Canadian Lobby.  Canadians are flocking to the sugary sand beaches of the Jupiter and Tequesta areas.   The surrounding areas are well known for…

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