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Stuart Florida Courage Challenge Mud Run 2014 is scheduled for September 27, 2014 at Halpatiokee Park, 8303 Lost River Road, Stuart.  There have been two mud run events in the past and one event planned for the future.  Enjoy music, DJ, food vendors, and rinse stations for the post party ceremony excitement.

You may ask what the allure of a mud run is.  A mud run is a mix of physical military style exertion with a mix of whimsical fun.  It is perfect for anyone who is looking to try something, but has been avoiding it for years.  It is also a great place to do something fun, for a good cause, because you are not getting any younger, and you are still a kid at heart!

Join the “courage challenge”, get down, and dirty with over 25 obstacles and 6+ miles

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Fishing is outstanding on Florida beaches. With fall season here, the mullet run is full of energy on the Atlantic coast and in very large numbers, baitfish plunge in and out of the oceans edge repetitively drawing the game fish’s attention, who are just hunting for another easy solid meal. Surf fishing in Broward County and other nearby counties is a perfect location since it is remote enough south that you are able to fish at any time of the year, with the best action being fall season.

With over a dozen of beaches to choose from, Broward County offers public beaches that allow fishing off the shoreline and it’s a normal sight to see fisherman with their poles and nets out, catching most inshore & offshore fish such as, snook, cobia, snapper, redfish,

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Ballet Palm Beach  celebrates its 14th season with highlighting classical and inventive works.  On the performance calendar for the upcoming season are Giselle, The Nutcracker, Simple Symphony and Other Works, and Wonderland.

In 2001, Collen Smith began  Ballet Palm Beach under the name Florida Classical Ballet.  They performed only one ballet a year, The Nutcracker.  Thrilling developments and invaluable staff members have given way to positive changes.  Ballet Palm Beach is now comprised of fifteen dancers: six trainees and nine professionals.

Ballet Palm Beach will kick off the pre-season with a flash mob style ballet.  Led by Artistic Director Collen Smith, the “flash ballet is a way to bring the art of ballet to the people of our community in

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Steve Winwood roll through Palm Beach County making a pit stop at Cruzan Amphitheatre Saturday evening, September 20, 2014 at 7:30pm.  This North American tour will include performances off their new studio album “Hypnotic Eye” which was released in July.

Rolling Stone magazine described the new album as “maximum rock and roll” and “a decisive return to the concise Sixties-rock classicism of his first great New Wave era albums.”  The former North Florida boy, (he has lived in California for the last 40 years) admitted in a cheerful gritty drawl “I’m not as angry as people think.” He smiled and said “I’m in the probably in the most pleasant period of my life.”  The reason may be the recently released album may be

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9.19.14 Fishing Report

The typical South Florida weather will take part this weekend, and the marine forecast is looking quite nice; as summer time is drifting away from us and slowly fall weather patterns are strolling in, be sure to get out on the water and hook some fish!

Uneven and light choppy seas are impeccable for hooking up a sailfish and dolphin, which there is plenty of both to catch over the weekend. Large sums of seaweed remain to be a nuisance for fisherman when trolling, however, that is where the dolphin action is and reports have been caught in depths scattered from 60’ to 450’ of water.

Sailfish, Dolphin, Kingfish, Blackfin tuna, Wahoo… you name the fish, they could all be swimming around in South Florida this weekend and live

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When gearing up for a fishing outing, a verdict of what type of fishing line to use is important.

In today’s marketplace, braided type of fishing lines are becoming very prevalent in the angling community and compromises several uses to all fishermen, especially in the South Florida waters.

Braided line is complete of light man-made resources and puts forward great strength, making casting easy and light with no room for stretch. One of braided lines biggest advantage is the no stretch property and you can essentially feel bites in deep water. In any depth, the line has a greater sensitivity for the fisherman to feel for the biting fish because the braided line is so positive that every move the fish makes is conveyed to the angler.

Many types of

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Visit the largest home improvement, design and remodeling show in Florida this weekend September 19 – 21, 2014 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center., 650 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach.  Get inspired for any home improvement tasks that you may have in mind at this show.  Hundreds of experts will be on hand to share ideas and examples of décor and outdoor spaces.  Remodeling windows, doors, or paint?  Shop and compare the latest options all under one roof.

Home remodeling is always something of interest for homeowners.   Money well spent on kitchens, bathrooms, expanding living spaces and energy efficient products generally are recouped in home value increases.  Consult qualified professionals for advice before embarking on any major

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In South Florida, sits, Boca Raton or as the locals call it “Boca”, which is South Florida’s playground of the prosperous with a casual twist, family friendly atmosphere and serves up sophistication.

While the city of Boca Raton has altered its appearance a lot since the small agricultural village it once was, Addison Mizner generated most of Boca Raton’s existence; his inspiration remains evident in the Mediterranean style throughout Boca Raton. Boca Raton Historical Society says,”Mizner’s dreams really changed the shape of the community. It was our glamour era, and he put her on the map.” Jazz clubs and live concerts take place at Mizner Park, the first main urban effort to refresh downtown.

Boca Raton is notorious for its comfortable social

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To give back to our soldiers and returning warriors comes in all different methods, but a unique form was founded in 2007, Heroes on the Water, an organization that gives back to those that fought for our country across the nation. This society provides warriors a chance to engage and enthrall in kayak fishing, both fresh and salt water.

Heroes on the Water, is an amazing way to help our warriors un-wind and relax. Imagine how challenging it may be for our soldiers to be in very aggressive and unfriendly environments. They are exposed to all levels of stress, emotionally and physically strenuous that most people cannot even comprehend. It is a great opportunity and created to uplift our returning warrior’s spirits and help revise them back to be able to

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Some of the pictures are still in existence; Salhaven Village’s official opening was in December of 1956.  According to the Time Magazine article, date December 17, 1956 “a band played and an American Legion color guard attended the flag-raising event held in the newly paved Betsey Boss Plaza.”  The Betsy Ross Plaza does not exist anymore, and Jonathan’s Landing and Jupiter Medical Center stand in its place.

The 634-acre concept was unique.  Residents of this tropical community would be union retirees living on union pensions and social security.  The planned community would have an outpatient clinic and a convalescence building (located where Jupiter Medical Center is currently located).  Named after Sal B. Hoffman, the President of the Upholsters

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