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Have you ever dreamt of zip lining through a Jungle oasis? Or relax underneath roaring waterfalls? Hold a tropical bird on your shoulder? The famous Miami, Florida’s Jungle Island is about to be converted from a zoo attraction into a target for eco voyages. 

The goal for Miami’s Jungle Island is to provide a very impressive experience to its visitors, one unlike any other zoo, all while celebrating and getting involved in nature’s world. This plan of cultivating for new attractions of the famous 22-acre park in South Florida’s backgrounds is to integrate excursions that are related to the jungle. The main ideas for Jungle Island is the front entryway, a safe and fun zip- line system, a lagoon with multiple pools and amazing waterfalls, a walking trail with…
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A day late, actually, many years too late, but back in 1821 land in Jupiter was sold for just $1.00 an acre!     The same year, in which the great land of Florida became a formal state of the colonies, a landowner named Don Eusebio Gomez considered releasing acreage he owned.   In 1815, the King and Queen of Spain awarded him 12,000 acres in an area surrounding the Indian and Loxahatchee Rivers as well as a barrier island between the Jupiter Inlet and the St. Lucie Inlet.   The name given to this area was a word for the Roman mythology god “Jobe”.

The land was given to Gomez for his “services to the crown”.   He was a merchant/shipper and a defender of St. Augustine.  When Florida became a U.S. territory all of the Spanish Land Grants, and this was

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Want to see South Florida at a unique angle?

Take a picturesque flight on Airtour America, Inc., starting the air tour from the golden shorelines of Fort Lauderdale, Florida to flying south along the coast of the celebrated sands of Miami Beach, Florida.

From the flight above, you can take photographs of the soaring skylines as you travel over the gorgeous waterfront homes and mansions, watch yachts cruise the Intracoastal waterways and spot sea turtles and other marine life swimming through the crystal clear waters of South Florida.

This is a great way to experience the beauty of South Florida at an altered perspective. Whether you are learning about the area or are searching for the perfect home, a bird’s eye view of Fort Lauderdale Beach, Miami

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9.12.14 Fishing Report

There is no doubt that the 2014 "Mullet Run" is here in South Florida and in massive numbers!

As we are on the rumpside of the full moon, the fair amount of rain and the slight weather change we may recieve over the weekend, we can predict some consistent and predictable fishing action!

Wahoo should be generating a bite over the weekend in a 200’-300’ depth of water.
Dolphin fishing is now sort of a guessing game of what depth they may be in but keep searching in all depths of water in hoping to hook up some fresh Mahi-Mahi for dinner.
Blackfin tuna have been captured in 250'-350’ of water out of the Palm Beach Inlet and have reported being fairly small.
Snapper fishing has been slamming on the hook out of Jupiter Inlet,

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Send off and say your goodbyes to summer season with the final summer specials at the 15th Street Fisheries in Fort Lauderdale. It is one of South Florida’s most widespread and delightful restaurants on the water, which is the most absolute flawless eateries to appreciate the last days of summer.

Situated next to the Fort Lauderdale Marina, 15th Street Fisheries is having a special week, Summer Waterfront Tasting series. It is famously known for fresh seafood from conch fritters, fresh fish fillets and the tastiest Florida lobster. Also, it is one of the few places in South Florida where you can feed the tarpon from the docks. Consider cruising your boat over to this fine cuisine.

Relish the panoramic sights of the Intracoastal waterway while being served…
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Living at or near the beach has actual health benefits resulting from being near the sea. The ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface and holds 97% of the earth’s water; it plays an important role in all of our lives.  The ocean water and sea air is good for the body and the soul.  Did you ever wonder why you sleep so well after a day at the beach?  Here in South Florida we have miles of beautiful white sandy beaches to choose from like the beaches in the “Sailfish Capital of the World” Town of Stuart, “Friendly Seaside Jewel” Town of Jupiter, “World Renowned” Town of Palm Beach, or the “International Playground” Town of South Beach/Miami.

The sea air provides wonderful benefits.  When waves break on the shoreline, air particles break apart releasing

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Join the South Florida community on two coastal cleanups all happening on Saturday, Septemeber 20, 2014.

Trash on the beach and in our waters such as food wrappers, straws, cigarettes and bottle caps can disturb aquatic existence. Balloons are repeatedly found at the cleanings, this item could block sea turtles and other animals’ digestive tracts. Fishing line and hooks can tangle marine life and also hurt humans walking along the beaches.

The reason for these coastal cleanups is to reassure and boost the public to be habitually cognizant and mindful of the need to keep all coasts spotless of harmful products and ensure its beautiful natural state. Every one of us can recover the state of the seashores, coastline and dunes to guarantee that our

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A new artificial reef was just created off of Hollywood, Florida’s shore in Broward County. The sail boat that was sunken has fascinating history and was named Usikusiku, Swahili for “twilight.” The vessel was manufactured in South Africa and was conveyed to the coast where the two owners set sail for the first time to the Caribbean Islands. After their travels, the couple became parents and decided to reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ever since.

The couple donated the sailing vessel to the Broward County Artificial Reef Program. The program prepared and cemented the sailboat to get it ready to become a part of the ocean's sea floor, Usikusiku, was then sunken to become a part of The Hollywood Dive Trail. Created for divers, The Hollywood Dive Trail is a…
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Many people dream of living on the water – to be on it, near it, or at least have access to it.  Living in South Florida, the possibilities seem endless.  Water is everywhere.   Here we have the ocean, rivers, Intracoastal waterways, canals, lakes, ponds, marinas, and more.  Homes with deeded dock space let owners keep their water toys nearby.  The prices vary as much as the hues in blues of the tranquil water

Location and price may be the determining factor on which body of water your dream home may be located on. A home on the water is attainable. The demand for homes with docks has steadily increased partly with the increase in the sales of boats year over year growth of 5% to 7% since 2010.  New and used boat sales in the U.S. reached $36.7

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