Obviously, there is some bias in this, but the truth is Florida is one of, if not the best place to live in the whole United States. From the weather to the nature to the culture to the lifestyle that comes along with living here, there is not a short list of places I would rather live. For anyone who is making the transition down here, here is how you can make the most out of your new life among the land of palm trees and turquoise waters. 

The first thing you want to do when you get down here and are settled in is to get out of your comfort zone immediately. This means doing things you are not used to, going places you have not been before, and meeting as many new people as you can. This is your new home, so why not embrace it as much as possible? I…

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The schools have let out, the weather is getting warmer, and that indescribable feeling is back in the air. Summer is here in Palm Beach County, and what is better than hitting the beach as much as you can? If you are like me and cannot wait to get out there, here are some beach essentials everyone should be looking to bring with them this summer. 

Sun Protection 

Yes, I know this is not the flashiest or most fun thing to talk about, but it is a necessity, especially here in Florida. With hot days ahead, it is crucial that everyone wears their sunblock so we can continue to go back to the beach all summer long. No one likes getting burnt, and nobody especially likes getting sun poisoning, so be sure to pack as much as possible, even if you are just…

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Palm Beach County, Florida, is a dream destination for many international buyers seeking luxurious homes, gorgeous beaches, and a slice of the American dream. Whether you are looking to relocate or invest, these essential tips can help guide you to the perfect decision. 

Research the Local Market 

Palm Beach County is home to a plethora of different towns, cities, and villages that have many different home styles and types. Before you do anything related to your move, I would first research what area fits you best and what style of home you are looking for. Our website has a ton of filters, so you can narrow down what options align with your vision of the perfect Florida home.

Legalities and Taxes 

Before you land in the states, it is crucial…

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It is no secret to anyone that Florida gets its fair share of storms. In order to be ready for the unexpected, Governor DeSantis has signed into law a Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday beginning June 1st until June 14th, and then again from August 24th to September 6th. With two different periods to purchase everything you need; I would go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity. 

The sales tax in Florida is 6%, so this gives anyone the chance to purchase any necessities they may need with a slight discount. Here is the list of eligible items that fall under the 2024 tax-free holiday. 

$10 or less 

Wet dog or cat food if sold individually or the equivalent if sold in a box or case

$15 or less

Manual can openers

Collapsible or…

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Thinking of ways to get out of the house during the week this summer? If so, then you should definitely check out Downtown West Palm Beach’s Clematis by Night. This year-round concert series is the perfect way to enjoy a weeknight out, and the best news about it is that it is completely free! 

Every Thursday from 6pm to 9pm, Downtown West Palm Beach comes alive with the sound of music with their annual concert series, Clematis by Night. Held on the Great Lawn along the waterfront, what you can expect is a night full of outstanding local performances featuring various genres depending on the act. Surround yourself with people just like you who are simply looking for a good time and good vibes. It is the perfect place to plop down a chair or blanket, sip…

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Some would say Memorial Day Weekend is the official start to Summer. If that is the case, then we better start getting our plans together. Whether you are relaxing on the beach, boating to one of Florida’s best destinations, or honoring the brave soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for this incredible country, be sure to make the most out of anything you do. Here are some ideas to make your weekend a great one.

Head to the Beach 

What better way to spend your three-day weekend then by hitting the gorgeous beaches of Palm Beach County. From Jupiter all the way down to Boca Raton, the coastline here is absolutely stunning no matter where you choose to go. It is quite hot out these days, so cool off by swimming in the crystal blue waters of the…

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This Memorial Day Weekend, Downtown West Palm Beach will be hosting the 2024 Palm Beach Home Design and Remodeling Show. Taking place at the Palm Beach County Convention Center from May 24th to the 27th, this is a must attend event for anyone who wants to upgrade their home or has any questions on how to do so. With multiple big names in the industry coupled with ample opportunities to learn, this home show is sure to be a fantastic experience for anyone in attendance. 

What you can expect this year is hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of different products, and multiple keynote speakers from various backgrounds. From the inside to the outside, every aspect of your home will be covered here. With interactive experiences and industry leaders taking to…

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In the last decade or two, social media has emerged as a game changer in the world of real estate by the way it has revolutionized how properties are promoted and sold. With billions of active users across several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter), real estate professionals are leveraging these networks to reach broader audiences, engage with potential buyers, and drive their overall sales. This is the role of social media in real estate marketing. 

Enhanced Visibility and Reach 

Social media offers enhanced visibility, letting real estate agents showcase properties to a wider audience that they may have not reached in years past. By posting high-quality photos, virtual tours, and engaging content, agents can…

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Tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, get ready for a fantastic afternoon at the Friends of Jupiter Beach Food and Wine Festival. This event, held at the Jupiter Plaza Down Under, promises a delightful blend of food, drinks, and fun from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for supporters of Friends of Jupiter Beach, beach goers, dog lovers, and conservationists to come together and celebrate with one another. This will be a dog friendly event so bring sparky along with you as well. Rain or shine, this festival will go on, so prepare for the weather accordingly.

Event Highlights 

Live Music: Enjoy live music from The Future Buds as they will keep everyone movin' and groovin' the entire afternoon.

Food and Drink Tastings: Sample a wide…

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Buying waterfront property in Palm Beach County is a dream for many, offering breathtaking views, a prime location, and exclusivity. However, before you dive into buying a property for yourself, there are a few things you must go over to ensure you made the right choice. Here are some essential tips to help guide you through the process. 

Research the Location

Palm Beach County is home to a variety of waterfront properties, from oceanfront to lakefront and intracoastal homes. Each location offers something different from the others. So, consider your lifestyle, access to amenities, and the surrounding area’s potential when making your decision on what is right for you. 

Inspect the Property

Waterfront properties have a higher chance of…

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