Fannie Mae versus Freddie Mac??

We have all heard the terms and we think we know what they are all about and how they work, right? Well, I know that I get confused sometimes and it never hurts to brush up. Today, we see news about our economy everywhere we turn. From the news, the newspapers, magazines, emails, billboards etc.… The bulletins about the state of the economy and the real estate market are laced with jargon, acronyms and abbreviations that can get tricky! 

Here, I am addressing the differences of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. For all we know, there are people out there asking the question, “Who are these people?” Well, they aren’t people at all; they are publicly traded, government-sponsored enterprises within the financial services…

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The timing couldn’t be better for purchasing in the Jupiter area.  Buy now and save now.  Most major news sources are claiming we have hit the floor in the housing market, which would make this the perfect opportunity to secure your dream waterfront home! 

Jupiter, Florida is a pocket of highly desired waterfront living with its access to the Atlantic Ocean via the Jupiter Inlet.  Many of the enviable waterfront properties are located on the Loxahatchee River or the Intracoastal Waterway, which lead directly to the Atlantic Ocean some of the best sport fishing and boating around!  Families with discerning tastes are taking opportune time to buy their vision.   

According to a study conducted by Robert Shiller, a professor at Yale with a long and…

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Some analysts say that our economy is currently a “buyer’s market” and some may disagree. It comes as no surprise that the economy has been volatile. However there has been a silver lining on this ominous could, the sale of homes in Palm Beach County has been strong! According to the Palm Beach Post, the annual change in home sales in Palm Beach County has gone up 26 percent, from May 2011 to May 2012! This May has also been the 3rd consecutive month where home purchases have soared over the 1,000 mark. This month Florida realtors sold 1,115 homes in Palm Beach County according to a recent report. Fantastic!!! 

Here at Waterfront Properties our clients drive us. We have a dedicated staff, as well as a knowledgeable and experienced group of realtors…

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If you are new to buying a home and you are looking in an area that is unfamiliar or new to you, take a look at these quick overviews. We have created a list with some quick points about Martin and Palm Beach County to help you refine your search. Get your search for the perfect Florida Home started, now is a great time! 

Palm Beach County- 

Palm Beach County is a large county that boasts a population more than several states in our nation and it covers more land than some of our states cover! It is a large county but that doesn’t mean its residents are not close knit. There is a great sense of community and a ton of personal touch. Palm Beach County is comprised of 38 incorporated cities with hundreds of…

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With Earth Day on the minds of many homeowners, the idea of reducing their carbon footprint of everyday household living now tops the priority list – primarily for feel-good reasons. They want to reduce global warming by recycling more and using less, and that’s all good.

But industry experts say there are “green” reasons to go green, in addition to the altruistic ones. Because saving money is a major motivator, those experts have revealed some of the penny-pinching perks homeowners can expect on their way to saving the planet.

Reduce Utility Bills

The electric and water bills come in every month, and in the summertime, they can be record-breaking. Upgrading home appliances and taking care to insulate and protect them can help to reduce kilowatts and…

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It is not often that those in the market for a new home know exactly what they are looking for. Sometimes we don’t even know what location is right for our new home or if there are multiple options. Soon, we quickly realize a barrage of questions is coming our way. Questions in need of answers include: What style of home? What part of town will work for my family and me? How many bedrooms? Large yard? Pool? The answers to all of these questions will provide you the framework for determining needs for the home of your dreams. By creating a saved search on our website you are creating customized parameters that will ensure results to your specification.

A Customized Search at Your Fingertips

Search Real Estate Listings AccountOn the Property Search page is where you will be able to…

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Have you been searching for real estate in a particular area or particular city and wish that you could just search in specific parts of the city or neighborhood?  Well now Waterfront Properties & Club Communities offers a tool that makes searching for your next home as simple as that!

Our new interactive map search allows you to draw a polygon shape around the area you'd like to search in, refine the results by price or number of bedrooms & bathrooms, save your search and receive email updates of listings in that area.  Go ahead and give it a try!

Your Interactive Real Estate Map Search Walkthru

For purposes of this demonstration today, we're going to look for real estate available in Admiral's Cove in Jupiter, but feel free to use any location that you…

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Internet marketing in today’s real estate market is a driving force helping brokers and agents sell. Someone on the leading edge of this trend is Rob Thomson of Waterfront Properties in Jupiter, Florida.  Rob, his team of web marketing specialists, and his expert Admirals Cove Team have had Admirals Cove homes list and sell in as little as a week! They have successfully implemented a combination of traditional and online marketing techniques, and as a result have been a part of the majority of sales in Admirals Cove since January 1, 2011. Rob and his team have experience representing all sides of the deal, the buyer, seller or both.

Consumers Are Far More Savvy

Today, consumers seek information about the real estate market through the internet where…

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Depending on the type of property you are purchasing, home inspections will vary.  For example if you are looking at homes for sale in Jupiter, a single family detached residence will require a more specialized inspection than a small condo.  However, there are some basic elements that a home inspector will and should check.  You can use the same basic list to help you evaluate different homes for sale Jupiter that you might purchase.

Structure: Structural components, including the foundation and framing of a home should be inspected.  These structural components impact how the property stands up to weather, gravity, and the earth.
  The home inspector should look at sidewalks, driveways, steps, windows, and doors.  A home's…

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