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Check Out Abacoa's Escape Rooms

Posted by Ali Kane on Monday, July 15th, 2019 at 1:37pm.

Downtown Abacoa has recently added a new business to their directory. Will To Escape has officially opened on June 1st on Town Center Drive.

Will To Escape is an escape room that offers a challenging and exciting experience for friends as they try to find clues to escape the room. Escape rooms are leading the entertainment industry all around the world. Many escape rooms are themed, and guests enter the room and are locked in and must listen and find clues to open the door. Not to worry because all escape rooms have a button that will unlock the door in case you would like to get out.

Will To Escape in Abacoa has three types of rooms, The Sector X, the Stolen Relic, and The Terminal. In The Sector X, you are a scientist assigned to a research lab on the Orion Space Station and there has been a new discovery of life on other planets. In The Stolen Relic, you are in a temple located deep in the jungles of Malaysia and your goal is to find the hidden legendary relic that has been worshipped by thousands of people for many years. In The Terminal, you are on the maintenance crew and you are called on to stop and save the New York City subway’s runaway train before crashing after a power outage.

The escape rooms only give you an hour to complete the task and find your way out. To visit their website and to book an escape room, click here.

The Will To Escape is located at 1150 Town Center Drive in Jupiter.

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