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Florida's Lighthouses

Posted by Ali Kane on Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 9:32am.

Lighthouses have guided mariners along Florida’s coast for centuries. Many do not know that Florida is home to 30 historic lighthouses, many of them are nearly a century old themselves with the oldest dating back to 1838. There were several others but over the years have fallen victim to erosion, fires, storms, and demolition.

The lighthouses range in height from 28 feet high to 175 feet high, almost half of the remaining historic lighthouses in Florida are over 100 feet tall. The Lighthouses are now operated by the Coast Guard but that wasn’t always the case. The federal Lighthouse Service and the Coast Guard merged in 1939 and today many of the Lighthouses have been preserved and are open to the public to tour and visit.

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse is on the list of Florida’s historic lighthouses. The building is the oldest building in Palm Beach County and the Jupiter’s red lighthouse is an icon to the town. Decades ago, the location was chosen by George Meade and he created the original design. The Lighthouse remains active with the first-order Fresnel lens. The Lens consists of an extremely high-quality glass prisms that are held in brass frames which greatly enhances its visibility. The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse is located on 120 acres of Outstanding Natural Area, one of three natural areas in the country. Today, the lighthouse is open to the public for tours of the museum, grounds and lighthouse. The lighthouse also hosts special events through the week. Click here to read more about the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum.

Other Lighthouses on the List include:
Sanibel Island Lighthouse
Port Boca Grande and Gasparilla Island Lighthouse
St. Marks Lighthouse
Crooked River Lighthouse
St. George Island Lighthouse
Pensacola Lighthouse
St. Augustine Lighthouse
Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse
Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse
Cape Florida Lighthouse
Florida Keys Reef Lighthouse
Key West Lighthouse

To read more about the other lighthouses on the list, visit page 12 of the Jupiter Inlet Magazine.

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