Jupiter, Florida is probably best known for golf, but that's just scratching the surface. Professional golfers have flocked to Jupiter over the past few decades, and word continues to spread among touring players and retired pros alike. Jupiter used to be a well-kept secret, but the secret's out. However, this charming town has way more to offer than just golf. It's a vibrant community with a fantastic quality of life, unparalleled natural beauty, and an array of activities. Waterfront Properties & Club Communities has been one of, if not the top real estate brokerage in Jupiter for years now, so here's what we have seen Jupiter come to be known for.

the Jupiter Inlet with clear blue water on a sunny day

1. A Boater's Paradise

The Thrill of the Open Waters

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From festive feasts to cozy cocktails, here is your ultimate guide to Christmas food and beverages: 

Appetizers and Snacks:

  • Pigs in Blankets: miniature sausages wrapped in bacon are always a crowd-pleaser.
  • Cheeseboard: Create a festive cheeseboard with a variety of cheeses, grapes, crackers, and chutneys.
  • Deviled Eggs: appetizer that can be dressed up with herbs or caviar.
  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip: warm and cheesy dip that is perfect for dipping bread or crackers.
  • Shrimp Cocktail: seafood appetizer that is always refreshing, but not too heavy.

Main Course:

  • Roast Turkey: The traditional Christmas dinner centerpiece, roast turkey can be prepared with herbs and spices.
  • Ham: ham can be glazed, smoked, or baked.
  • Beef…

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While the star of Thanksgiving is almost always the turkey, the debate over the best Thanksgiving side dish rages on. Each of us has our favorites, and each state in the USA has its most popular. It's a delightful testament to our diverse culinary traditions. So let's get into it, what's the best Thanksgiving side? What's the most popular?

the different and best thanksgiving sides

The Contenders

1. Mashed Potatoes

  • Reigning supreme in many states, mashed potatoes are a creamy and comforting classic. They're a blank canvas for gravy and a perfect complement to turkey.

2. Green Bean Casserole

  • A crowd-pleaser known for its crispy onions, green bean casserole is a staple in numerous households. It adds a crunchy, savory element to the meal.

3. Stuffing

  • Whether…

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As the golden years approach, the search for the perfect retirement destination becomes a significant milestone and decision. Look no further than Palm Beach County, Florida, a retirees dream that stands out among the many other options across the United States. Here is why retiring to Palm Beach County is an unrivaled choice. 

First and foremost, Palm Beach County boasts a climate that is the envy of the country. With an average of 230ish sunny days per year, retirees can bid farewell to harsh winters and embrace a lifestyle bathed in perpetual sunshine. The temperate climate allows for year-round outdoor activities, from leisurely strolls along pristine beaches to rounds of golf on world-class courses. 

Beyond the weather, Palm Beach County offers…

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If you’re looking for an evening out on the island, then some of you may be surprised to learn that a few of the most well-known, popular establishments in Palm Beach have outstanding happy hour deals. And we’re not just talking about a slightly discounted cocktail. Some of the most talented chefs have created happy hour-specific menus that are most definitely worth trying. So, without further ado, here are a few places that serve up the best happy hour in Palm Beach.

Meat Market

Meat Market is a renowned steakhouse and lounge, offering a glamorous and upscale dining experience. Known for its top-quality cuts of meat and stylish ambiance, it's a popular choice for those seeking a sophisticated steakhouse experience in Palm Beach. Happy Hour is…

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Boca Raton, Florida, is a paradise not just for its beautiful beaches and upscale lifestyle but also for its thriving food scene. If you are looking for a full day of incredible meals, Boca Raton has you covered. 

Starting at Flakowitz 

Our day begins at Flakowitz Bagel Inn, arguably the best breakfast spot in town. This classic Jewish deli is famous for its New York-style bagels, and they serve up an array of delectable breakfast and lunch options. Try their lox and cream cheese bagel or go for their hearty corn beef sandwich. Before leaving, do not forget to savor your appetite for their freshly baked pastries and a cup of coffee to wash it all down. 

Lunch at V&S Italian Deli 

For lunch, we head to V&S Italian Deli, where you can indulge in…

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Located in between West Palm Beach and Miami, Boca Raton stands out as an exceptional place to live for a variety of reasons. From its pristine beaches to its one-of-a-kind culinary scene and ample job opportunities/top-notch educational institutions, Boca Raton offers a lifestyle that is hard to beat. Let us dive into why this South Florida gem is an amazing place to call home.

Tropical Paradise: Boca Raton is synonymous with stunning beaches and a year-round tropical climate. The blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean are perfect for beachgoers, water sports enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike. There is no shortage of opportunities for swimming, surfing, or simply basking in the warm Florida sun, no matter which season it is.

Education: Home to…

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Mark your calendars and prepare your taste buds because Taste of The Square is back and better than ever for 2023! On Thursday, October 12th, The Square in downtown West Palm Beach will be transformed into a gastronomic paradise, offering an evening of culinary delights, live music, and a pop-up bar. But it is not just about delectable dishes; this event is also benefitting a good cause, as it supports Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Promise Fund of Florida, a non-profit dedicated to preventing the unnecessary progression of breast and cervical cancer.

One of the standout features of Taste of The Square is the opportunity to sample creations from nearly 20 renowned restaurants. From savory appetizers to mouthwatering entrees and desserts, this…

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Coffee lovers come in many varieties, with an array of preferences that define their coffee-drinking experience. Whether you’re a fan of hot or cold brew, Starbucks or Dunkin’, lattes or plain black coffee, there’s one universal truth: finding a coffee shop you love. Coffee shops aren’t just places to get your caffeine fix; they can be a delightful part of your day. Personally, when I'm on vacation or settling into a new area, my first mission is to explore all the local coffee shops until I discover one that feels like a second home.

Three people drinking lattes in a coffee shop

For many, the day’s trajectory hinges on that first sip of coffee. In Jupiter and Tequesta, where life is intertwined with the waterways and golf courses, that perfect cup of coffee becomes even more essential. Before…

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West Palm Beach is undergoing a remarkable transformation, the upcoming Nora District is poised to become a dynamic and complete community, redefining the way Palm Beach County residents experience urban living. With its reuse of turn-of-the-century warehouses, this district promises to be a captivating blend of history and modernity that plans to change West Palm for the better.

A Glimpse into Phase I

The Nora District's Phase I is already in motion, and it's nothing short of impressive. This phase boasts a sprawling 150,000 square feet of both adaptive reuse and new developments. Here, you'll find a curated selection of best-in-class hospitality, retail, and wellness establishments. The district's design philosophy is clear: create a harmonious…

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