The Taurids meteor shower will be falling over south Florida this week. The Taurids shower is not necessarily known for being the most explosive meteor shower in the cosmos but what it is known for is a astronomical phenomena, fireballs.  

The Taurids shower will create tons of vivid, long lasting, ultra bright meteors called “fireballs.”  Fireballs are often more bright than the planet Venus, which is the brightest planet in our solar system. “The Taurids are actually broken into two streams, the North Taurids and South Taurids, but are collectively known as the Taurid Complex. All Taurids are debris from the comet Encke, which is named after German astronomer Johan Franz Encke, who discovered it in 1786.”

The Taurids meteor shower will be most…

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Renowned as one of the best places to take your kids and families to during the summer is the Ocean Inlet Park in Boynton Beach. Locals love this park for much more than its crystal clear waters, soft sandy beaches and breathtaking views. 

Local families and residents saying that the park offers plenty of shaded tables for picnics, clean restrooms, clean beaches, a marina, day slip, playgrounds and showers. Guests van enjoy 24 hour parking access for both the recreational area and the fishing area. There will be no fishing or surfing allowed in the guarded swimming area which creates safe and fun environments for everyone at the beach. 

Ocean Inlet Park is a beautiful oceanfront park in Boynton Beach, Florida. With over 600 feet of beach frontage in…

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Welcome to South Florida summer sunshine.  Summer is the warmest season of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.  Summer season runs June through August. So during these bright and cheerful summertime months, everyone throughout the United States experiences warmer temperatures. 

Warmer temperatures means we’re all using more energy to keep our homes cool.Florida, Power and Light  states, "Because A/C units run twice as long in the summer than during cooler months and account for more than half of your energy bill, you likely will notice your summer bills are higher than normal. Now is the time to take control of your energy use, because forecasters predict August to be another extremely hot month."

You can not control what you cannot see, so…

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 pier The Juno Beach Pier is part of the Responsible Pier Initiative and is managed by the Loggerhead Marinelife Center.  The pier offers visitors 990-feet of amazing saltwater fishing and breathtaking views from sunrise to sunset.  The full-service Pier House features friendly guest services, snack bar, and fishing tackle including fishing pole rentals, bait and ice.  The Juno Beach Pier House offers something for anglers, sightseers, and beachgoers alike.   The Responsible Pier Initiative is a first of its kind program in Florida and is designed as a combined tool to work directly with fishermen and fishing piers to promote a healthy pier environment for sea turtles and other marine life. The purpose is to provide first-responders on fishing piers…

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One of the huge draws to our gorgeous area is, of course, the weather. And given the fact that, according to the New York Times, 8% of all Floridians were born in New York, 4% in Pennsylvania, and 8% in the rest of the Northeast, this is no surprise. In fact, approximately 50,000 New Yorkers move to Florida every year, simply because they are fed up with harsh northern winters. In February of 2015, for example, the average daily temperature in New York was 24.1 degrees, with a fresh new batch of sleet arriving in March.

Not in Florida! The Sunshine State’s average February low in Jupiter is 59 degrees, while the average high is 77. This comes just a month after January, the coolest month of the year, with an average low of 57 and an average high of…

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The climate in South Florida is described as sub-tropical. With the exception of an occasional, brief summer rain shower, most homeowners and their families spend ample time outside of the home enjoying the weather.  In Palm Beach County, the climate designates outdoor living as the way to enjoy leisure time.   Many of the spectacular waterfront properties listed with Waterfront Properties and Club Communities feature outdoor amenities designed for pleasurable alfresco living.

Architects have masterfully designed homes with resort style pools and cascading waterfalls, koi ponds, wine cellars and home theaters.  Sometimes amenities are just unusual – hydraulic lift transports in the garage to allow double level parking, yoga lawns, and hi-tech touch…

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Springtime Fishing has been great this week, the bite is back!

Many anglers are going out of their inlets to the ocean and succeeding their goal of the day. Tying back up at their docks bringing home a whole slew and variety of fish to feed their families with.
The fish variety is mostly consisting of the beautiful brightly colored dolphin, cobias, black fin tuna and snappers!  

NOAA upcoming weather forecast includes chances of rain showers and increasing wind gusts throughout the weekend.


Good reports of Dolphin are getting hooked all over South Florida’s waters this past week. From big bulls to cows and peanuts! They are out and about roaming the waters at all different depths, so there is no particular spot on where the…

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As you know not one state offers everything you dream of.  The Sunshine State has lots to offer and as they say “life’s a beach”!  There are many pros and cons of living in South Florida.

South Florida is warm and sunny the majority of the time.  With that comes living in flip-flops and shorts.  However, in order to respectably wear flip-flops, one MUST commit to impeccable foot maintenance.  It is one of the menaces of living in the sunshine state! No one wants to be exposed to unattractive feet, so unless you have time for a pedicure each week or every other week please wear closed shoes.

Florida is the “Golf Capital of the World”.  Prepare to see fairway after fairway; South Florida has more golf courses than beaches. Your golf game better be…

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Although the weather here in Palm Beach County is picture perfect, sunny and 75 degrees, other parts of the United States do not enjoy the same climate. Approximately a half million people journey to South Florida for the winter, avoiding the ice, snow and bitter cold.

Millions of people flock to South Florida for vacation and spring break.  Year round inhabitants of the Sunshine State face many challenges when the visitors and seasonal residents arrive. 

Some tips for residents to manage snowbird season:

Be Tolerant. Anticipate slower traffic, the out of state driver is not familiar with the highways and streets as residents.  Give yourself a few extra minutes to get where you are going.

Be Cognizant. The out of state driver may not know…

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Sebastian Inlet is part of the east coast’s surfing epicenter and one of the biggest beach breaks on the Atlantic Coastline.  The inlet is located at the southern end of Sebastian Inlet State Park in Brevard County and Indian River County.  It is home to the largest concentration of surf shops and board builders.

Just north of Vero Beach, Palm Beach County,12 miles straight up U.S. Highway One, and 15 miles south of Melbourne, the Sebastian Inlet was originally cut in 1872.  It was known as Gibson’s Cut.  The settler, David Peter Gibson, attempted to open up a cut into the Atlantic Ocean.  He did not acquire title to the property where the digging took place until 1885.  At the time, the cut was only 260 feet wide and the distance was only 120…

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