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Bring Your Dog To The Beach This Summer

Posted by Ali Kane on Thursday, June 24th, 2021 at 2:18pm.

The Town of Jupiter is proud to be one of the very few remaining Dog Friendly Beaches in the state of Florida. The town adopted the idea to allow the public to bring their dogs to the beach in 1989. Since then, the dog beach has been expanded and now dogs have access to over 2.5 miles of the sandy shoreline.

The Dog Beach in Jupiter stretched from Carlin Park Beach Marker #57 to Marcinski Road Beach Marker #25. In the designated dog friendly area, dogs can roam freely while being supervised.

The Town of Jupiter would like everyone who brings their pet to the beach to follow the area rules.

Dog-Friendly Beach Area Rules

  • Only behaved, obedient, well-socialized dogs should be brought to the beach – since dogs are not required to be leased.
  • Be a responsible dog owner – the town asks that the dog or dogs be supervised at all times during your beach visit.
  • Obey the Town’s leash laws – dogs should be leased walking to and from the beach.
  • Dog owners should be conscientious of others are the beach – since dogs are allowed on the beach, the beach is open to everyone.
  • Leave no trace – the Friends of Jupiter Beach have set up clean up stations at every beach crossover to ensure that our beautiful beaches remain clean.

Parking is free along A1A or the public parking lots located at Carlin Park or Marcinski Road. The beach is open every day from sunrise to sunset.

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