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Whether you are a vegetarian or not, a healthy lifestyle is essential to long and healthy life.  In general, most vegetarian diets are low in cholesterol, saturated fats, high in fiber and folate, with zero animal protein.  It has been studied that in western countries most vegetarians live longer than most non-vegetarians live. They have substantially reduced risks for heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and reduced risks for such cancers, particularly lung cancer and colon cancer.

Not all vegetarians eat clean.  Many replace protein with high fat cheeses and junk food.   After all, there is no meat in brownies, chips and ice cream.  One can easily consume large quantities of high sugar, carbohydrates and fats. If meat proteins are not

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The “Great Florida Reef” is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States.  It is the third largest coral reef on the planet.  Florida is the only state that has wide-ranging shallow coral reefs along the coastline.  The Florida Reef Track expanses 358 miles.  These reefs are habitats for a multitude of plants and sea life, providing shelter, breeding grounds, and nourishment.

A natural coral reef occurs in specific environmental conditions. The favorable environmental conditions required for the growth of a natural coral reef are rather warm, clear waters, a solid configuration for attachment, low phosphate and nitrogen nutrients as well as water movement (waves).

Microsoft co-founder and marine conservationist Paul

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Its seems the majority of the public is bound to their smartphone.  It is anticipated within the next two years a smartphone could be your only computer.  The original (mass marketed to the public) smartphones of 2011 and 2012 were not powerful enough to accomplish all our computer needs.

Consumer trends industry expert and Chief Researcher Carolina Milanesi feels we will not all need desktops. She stated, “Some of us already don’t.” Thanks to increased processing power, better battery life, vastly improved networking speeds, and larger screen sizes on mobile devices, the shift away from the desktop is accelerating. Nevertheless, battery power is not powerful enough.

Solar energy may be the solution.  An environmentally aware company based in

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The Food Network, Cooking Channel, along with Food and Wine present the 15th season of epicurean delights in South Beach. The South Beach Wine and Food Festival will be presented February 24-28, 2016 in sunny Miami Beach.

The festival, spanning both Miami – Dade and Broward counties, presents over 80 events featuring a plethora of options  for you to hand pick your favorite wine, spirits and food.  Top food and wine experts will host cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, pairings, gourmet dinners and seminars.  Past food and wine experts, like Emeril Lagasse, Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart and others have highlighted the four-day decadent festival.

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival has so many options to delight in such as late night

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Properties with "perks" have always been a stand out in the real estate market.  Architects have masterfully designed homes with al fresco kitchens, resort style pools and cascading waterfalls, wine cellars and unparalleled home theaters.  Sometimes amenities are just unusual think hydraulic lift transports in the garage to allow double level parking – exotic cars upper level and daily driving cars lower level or hi-tech home security and monitoring panels.  The luxurious amenities available are countless.  If you dream it, they can make it happen!  

Some of the most sought after homes listed feature guest cottages and outdoor living areas containing such open-air amenities as summer kitchens with sub-zero refrigerators and state of art appliances.

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Voting closes January 25 for CoastalLiving.com and their annual “Happiest Seaside Town in 2016”.  From Hawaii to Alabama and Florida to California, they are considered based on their rank with the Gallup-Healthways Well Being Index.

The Gallup-Healthways Well Being Index methodology is “designed to be the Dow Jones of health, giving a daily measure of people's wellbeing at the close of every day. With a daily measure, determining the correlation between the places where people work and the communities in which they live, and how it impacts their wellbeing”.  It takes into account healthiness of the beaches, percentage of sunny and clear days, standard of living and financial demographics of the areas.

The editors of CoastalLiving.com then focus

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Every year AAA reviews more than 28,000 hotels, which include resorts, bed and breakfasts and historic inns.   Of the 118 hotels that received “Five Diamond” awards, 12 are in Florida!  AAA offers this coveted highest rating to hotels that consistently provide exceptional experiences for their guests.

Three local area hotels received the AAA “Five Diamond” rating.   Eau Palm Beach & Spa, Manalapan, The Breakers, Palm Beach and the Four Seasons Resort, Palm Beach. AAA gives hotels and resorts a thorough examination each year to determine “Five Diamond” status and “Four Diamond” status.

All three hotels take in the Atlantic Ocean vistas and jaw dropping scenery. The sun drenched South Florida climate allows for year round enjoyment to any of the

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Purchasing a home is similar to looking for life partner.  You may go on many first dates and in the end, the one that has the most, but not all the characteristics that you desire, will win you heart. The same holds true when searching for your dream home.

However, first-time homebuyers and even the most experienced homebuyers can get frustrated and disappointed with how long the process can take.  Yet they may not understand how their expectations, views, and lack of action may be causing the delay in finding the right home.

One of the biggest hazards a buyer can fall into is not working with an expert buyer’s agent. Waterfront Properties and Club Communities buyer’s agents can assist buyers readily identify the best-suited properties in the

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Given the fact that most homebuyers use the Internet to aid them in their search for a home, using the Internet as part of your marketing strategy is an important step toward getting your home sold. After all, the more people who are able to see your home, the more likely you are to find an interested buyer quickly.

When it comes to listing your home online, there are many websites available. The most technologically perceptive real estate agents will have websites for their own business and will list homes on directly on their sites. There are also many websites that are dedicated to helping those who are trying to sell their homes on their own. Listing a home on these sites is not free. When hiring a real estate agent, on the other hand, listing

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Investing in real estate is a great way to grow your wealth if done responsibly, with conservative financing, and with an understanding of the tax ramifications. Real estate investing is one of the oldest, most respected and profitable ways to earn passive income from your savings. Understanding the basics is important before you purchase your first property.

Asking the questions, “Which is a better investment – real estate or stocks?” is like asking whether vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate ice cream or if a Rolls Royce is superior to a Bentley. There is not a correct answer because a lot of it comes down to your disposition, preferences, and style. It comes down to the specifics of the individual investment. Very few stocks would have

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