The latest quarterly report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), released November 12, 2015, asserting that median prices for existing homes in metropolitan areas continued to climb in the third quarter of 2015, but at a healthier pace that could entice more homebuyers into the market.

"Many of the metro areas with the fastest price appreciation over the past year were in the South — particularly in Florida," says Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist. The economist stated that Florida, in particular, had some of the strongest price appreciation.  Yun stated without question the housing market had its best quarter in nearly a decade. "The demand for buying, picked up speed in many metro areas during the summer as more households…

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Diner en Blanc is a global mass “chic picnic” event, in a public space, spanning five continents.  It is an elegant “flash mob" gathering of diner guests, dressed formally in all white, participating in the refined elegance of Parisian days by gone. The guest list is limited, refined diners are invited or must have previously signed up; location is top secret and not divulged until the day of the Diner en Blanc (generally, one hour prior to the dining hour).

The concept began in Paris, France in 1988 and the inaugural dinner will be taking place this evening locally. The same Diner en Blanc concept will take place November 10, 2015, in West Palm Beach in Miami for the second time this evening as well.

Frenchman, Francois Pasquier invited a…

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Water surrounds South Florida and there is always a fun event happening near or on the water. Coming up on November 14, 2015, is a super fun and free, family event that is located on West Palm Beach Waterfront.

Discover a local treasure at LagoonFest, where it is encouraged to learn about the fascinating local marvels from the Lake Worth Lagoon and to educate all on the importance on protecting this urban estuary.  The Lake Worth Lagoon is the largest estuary located in Palm Beach County and a special place where fresh water meets saltwater. The Lagoon is as long as 20 miles and about a half a mile wide that holds seagrass beds, mangroves, manatees, turtles, wading birds, as well as more than 250 documented types of fish species and numerous…

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Veterans Day is a day celebrating and honoring anyone who has served in the United States military. The notable holiday’s origin began as a day to memorize the end of World War I and those who served in it. At the time the day was known as Armistice Day and it was then declared a holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919. It did not become known as Veteran’s Day until 1954.

If you are a veteran, current member of the military or have a loved one that has served in the United States Military make sure to find an event happening near you. Here are some of the celebrations happening in the area:

BOYNTON BEACH VETERANS DAY CELEBRATION: Wednesday, 10 a.m., Veterans Memorial Park, 411 N. Federal Highway. Contact 561-276-1796 for more information.

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Looking for a great reason to have some fun in South Florida for Columbus Day Weekend?


  • Oktoberfest: Oct. 9-11 & Oct. 16-18

The American German Club of the Palm Beaches in Lake Worth, Florida is hosting, Oktoberfest for two weekends of family fun in a row for the 42nd Oktoberfest of 2015!

  • Screen on the Green: Oct. 9

Outdoor movie watching has never been more inviting than on the West Palm Beach, Florida Waterfront. Sit on the Great Lawn overlooking the spectacular waterfront in the heart of downtown West Palm Beach. Bring a blanket or a chair and purchase “movie time” popcorn, snacks and beverages from our stocked concession stand.

  • The Superhero 5k Run and Fun Day: Oct. 9

On October 10, 2015 a…

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"You are much stronger than you think you are. Trust me." – Superman

Children tend to embrace in the Superhero figures. Possibly, one of the prevalent reasons they have such fond admirations for these unique characters could be the wisdom of control and power that they can apply onto the world. By guiding their energies into these characters, children tend to feel more confident that they can conquer and overcome struggles that they may face, rule their own world and be true kings and queens of their own life.

Jeffros Heroes, a uniquely super experience, brings the light to parties, events, and family entertainments for Palm Beach County and its surrounding cities. Above all, Jeffros Heroes is also a volunteer group of numerous superhero…

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October is crammed month packed with lots of activities and events for the family throughout South Florida and cities of the Palm Beach County.

One of the most popular German customs is Oktoberfest, which has spread throughout the world as a tradition. The celebration of beer and friendly good ole times has caught on many parts of the realm.

The American German Club of the Palm Beaches in Lake Worth, Florida is hosting, Oktoberfest for two weekends of family fun in a row for the 42nd Oktoberfest of 2015!
“We offer authentic German cooking such as Bratwurst, Potato Salad, Leberkäse, Sauerkraut, Original Hofbräu Bier, imported from Munich/Germany or domestic beer, liqueurs, wine or non-alcoholic beverages, and for dessert some German pastry. Enjoy…

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Superbly located in the heart of Palm Beach County midway between Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens, is the magnificent Wycliffe Golf and Country Club. Bordering the city of Wellington, this 600 acre resort style private community offers its resident members an exhilarating social and recreational lifestyle second to none.

From it's top of the line instruction by new head club pro Paul Rifenberg to it's top of the line ammenities, Wycliffe is one of the premier golf and country clubs in Palm Beach County. 

Wycliffe features an 80,000 square foot grand clubhouse where members gather daily to enjoy wonderful dining, first-rate entertainment and a full calendar of social activities all while overlooking the spectaculary manicured grounds of the…

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Pull up a chair and get cozy for a night of spectacular proportions this Sunday! Across North America the night sky will show a “comic ballet” where you will be able to see a lunar eclipse. The moon will travel across the sky that will create a lunar eclipse unseen since 1982 and not to be seen again until 2033. 

A lunar eclipse like this one has only occurred five times since 1900. It has been named a “super moon.” It has been given the name super because of it is a moon in perigee- or the closest it will come to Earth in its orbit around the planet. The perigee is a monthly occurrence, however, Sunday’s perigee will mark the closest perigee of the year. According to Alan MacRobert, senior editor of Sky and Telescope Magazine, the moon will only be…

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No matter how much experience you have out on the waterways, it is always a good decision for all, from novices to mavens, to frequently review the boating safety rubrics before setting off and departing from the dockage.  

As young as a teen, it is mandatory to learn the guidelines of the roads before you sit behind the wheel and many believe that same importance should be implemented before taking the controls of the waterways. Just like studying for your driver’s license, it is just as important to have boating safety information and certificates that are required prior to hitting the waterways.  You may not only be protecting yourself with the successful educational courses but you will be protecting other boaters as well.

In Jupiter, Florida,…

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